EA's 9 demonic gatekeeper series

Can I start with the grimoire of Azazel rather then Belial? Or do I need to go in order?


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You are supposed to go in order, as far as I understand it. Belial has been referred to as the First Gatekeeper, so you have to pass through his gate before the others.


Some things in later volumes build on previous ones. (Notably E.A’s own writings in the compendiums) However there’s plenty of material that’s pretty independent from the earlier books, and the other stuff CAN be worked through independently, though it may not be optimal. Azazel’s book was the first I ordered, and inspired me to buy the Belial and Lucifer books.
EDIT: Yeah, I realized that you might mean the E.A grimoire’s specifically after I wrote this. Probably best to work through those in order


Okay I understand. Thanks you guys :kissing_heart::heart:

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