Earth's newest and most powerful magick circle 9/13 video

First and foremost this is in no way shape or form a disrespect or anything of that nature. Like so many others I’ve found everything from the videos to the forum support to the written word inspiring not only from a magick perspective but spiritually and personally. Just a quick one again no disrespect here- at 33 minutes in you said " I don’t get into robes" yet on the mastering soul travel preview and picture you are pictured clearly wearing one. The mastering soul travel course is referenced in the video so as already completed so it’s easy to see where my confusion lies. Thanks and again no disrespect whatsoever and I ain’t no countless trolls looking for bs-I’m just a very critical -not towards you psychology speaking- thinker and anylest. I believe that is important in any path

One word:


As for robes themselves…

They won’t change much, so don’t worry if you don’t have them. Robes and similar paraphernalia don’t have innate power themselves - but they can be used as conduits to channel power.

They also get you into that magickal mood, which is half the battle won.

If you are able to get into that magickal mood without it, you’re good.


That’s kinda what I figured

Agreed it can help. I believe it all adds up to help with immersion