Earth Element and Scale

We always associate elements to mental concepts, so how about this one:

The notion that matter, or physical aspect of elemental earth provides us with a sense of scale. Fractal scale.

That’s all I’m sharing in this post. Just the notion that Earth is Scale.

When things are really small, they flow right through you.
When things are really big, you flow right through them.

Big and small are only assessed relatively because there is some form of matter being observed. All relative of course.

So there it is, matter = sense of scale.

What do you think?


Agares once said “if you cross a road you can navigate by looking only one way…no need to look both ways. For if you use true vision, a line of sight becomes an all encompassing circle within which your then can see present past and future.”
He always talked about true vision to me. Helping me use common elements of this fabric of the construct , he would help me understand in a sense, a scale of what you are referring to.
True perspective, true scale can only be seen once you use true vision- spiritual vision.
I liked your post thanks for sharing.