Earth clay vs polymer?

i have been wanting to make some things from clay; and stumbled upon polymer stuff. Just wondering if when making sigils or stuff if Earth would be symbolically more apporpriate- earth, air ,fire ,water vs chemicals. Kinda dumb little Q- just over thinking again

Depends on you man, if -you- attach more importance to one for some reason that will of course affect your work, and vice versa.

I’ve personally used both, and in the end the power of the item depended most of all in first properly clearing it of any counter-productive qualities it had in the first place, and then filling the waiting vessel with -my- power and purpose. That’ll make a powerful item.

The symbolism is just there to help you direct your effort, ideally. If it ever starts to get in the way, though, then cut it away and carve into some fresh clay.

Just load your polymer clay. The stuff is awesome and so easy to use. If making something thin like a sigil just a post-it not size piece of foil with the appropriate correspondences can be folded over and crimped with a pair of pliers. Then place it between a layer of clay.

If making statues you can get even more creative and load charges for parts of the statue depending on what it is used for. Items for vigilance, communication etc can be loaded into the head. Things that correspond to the nature of that entity can be loaded into the heart or chest, the feet or base of a statue can be loaded to open roads and dominate others.