Ears ringing

Hi everyone, two years back I meditated and started astral projecting for the first time. I was amazed by what I was seeing and then went back to my physical body and then I started hearing ringing in both ears, I thought in a few hours it would stop then I thought in weeks it would but it never did it’s been 2 years and my ears have been ringing non stop. What dose this mean? What is this?

If it’s been two years I’d be thinking it tinnitus.

You should see an appropriate professional to determine if there’s a mundane cause at work here.


If that was the case why would it happen right after I astral projected for the first time and not just a random time?

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Correlation does not equal causation.

Could purely be coincidence.

Why would the ringing continue for two years straight?

If it was spiritual, it doesn’t make sense for it to continue indefinitely (maybe briefly, but for two years…?).

Like, why?

At some point tinnitus is tinnitus, even if it may have been triggered by some spiritual practice (maybe).


I lean towards the Occam’s Razor application on this kind of thing such as Crookedpathfinder’s suggestion, but I have also come across accounts of the ringing ear experience relative to paranormal phenomenon such as this. However, two years straight sounds like tinnitus as CPF suggested, even if it was triggered by your occult work which may have induced a physiological reaction that caused tinnitus somehow. Anyway, here’s an example of someone connecting the ear ringing thing with the paranormal. Do Your Ears Ring When a Ghost is Nearby? | Haunted New Harmony


Nice link ty…

Hi. If your ears ringing stops after a while, or different sides ring at different times, or the pitch sounds different at different times, it’s possibly also a spiritual sign. I’ve had this for years and now I can detect the changes in my energy. I also have this a lot when I work with spirits more often.

I agree with others about getting ears checked to make sure everything is ok first.

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