Ears hurting

Okay, so now my ears hurt when I invoke…

Am I unbalanced or what exactly is going on with me?:thinking:

That’s usually a symptom of your upper dan tein (head energy center and systems) adapting to higher frequency. Especially if you’re talking about the inner ear, and not the flap of flesh on the outside, you can basically think of it like your physical body is shapeshifting slightly to match the frequency you use for things like invocation as well as evolving to better channel energy in general. If that’s not clear enough I guess just imagine that the tubes (aetheric or physical to a degree) in your ears are expanding, and youre experiencing growing pains.
The best advice I have is just dont push yourself. If it feels like you’re breaking something, or like you’re burning a fuse so to speak, stop. Make sure your energies are actually being stored in your gut, not your head, but excersise the energy centers in your ears as much as possible so they have incentive to adapt permanently.

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Is it safe to say I am developing my clairaudience?

Not necessarily, but that’s a common side effect from exercising head energy systems.

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I had this side effect and fluttering of my eyelids for awhile. I agree take it easy and it will pass.