Earning your Magickal Merit badge

This afternoon I saw this teen wearing a t-shirt stating in bold black letters - " EARNED NOT GIVEN"

I am always keeping a keen eye for any hidden meanings or interesting observations around me that could be interpreted in a magickal way. The above made me think about all the years past and where i am today in a magickal sense.

I continue to question myself as to where i stand in the magickal universe and how to better myself. From the moment I began to learn to perform the LBRP on through the MPR and BRH, I always felt that i was never alone inside my temple. It’s that feeling you get when you’re in a public place and you have a sense that someone is watching or staring at you.

But more importantly, have all my efforts and self-training been acknowledged by “higher authorities”.

Regardless of whatever system or path you follow, earning your place in the universal scheme of magickal identity seems to come from persistence and time and not from simply reading a tome to obtain the power and glory of ages.

although i do not speak for any one magician, I strongly believe that as I progress through my journeys into mystical darkness that something or someone is taking notes in the nearby astral. Checks and balances along with subtotals are calculated. Measuring my progress and ascent and at what step of the ladder I would be allowed to continue.

who or what is observing is unknown to me but certainly I am always getting that feeling of eyes watching patiently.

It is my contention that whenever I perform a rite, be it a spell casting or evocation of a spirit places the magician in the center of attention. I obtain certain astral merit badges or tattoos upon my astral self through each success or failure. I make no mistake in knowing that any entity I evoke will certainly know my accomplishments days or hours before the evocation even takes place. This is evident in some self-made conjurations where I would rightfully claim my accomplishments in the wording such as

“here my call o’ great archangel Michael, I (motto or name) have walked among and befriended the king of the fiery eternal flame Djinn, I have conversed with my HGA and received the blessing unto my heart, appear before me that i may partake your wisdom”

Whenever i perform evocations in this manner or any magickal act it appears to strengthen my resolve in attaining that which i seek. And why not?, if you have traversed your own chosen path in this lifetime then it should account for something.

In an old edition of a little known occult magazine called “fate” I remember an article about a woman who was researching the Enochian system for a book. One time she fell with a high fever and she recalls one night lying in bed shivering and cold, half dazed, but receiving an impression through her fever that something was in her mind “reviewing” all her research she had done up to that point. Scanning each page like an editor. She further claimed that she felt quite out of control.

And so it seems that every act is indeed a magickal act. And the question remains, who is the “observer”? if any

In the world of the mage, being in a dark temple room experimenting and researching, observing and documenting, solely for ourselves becomes a lonely prospect. But we are never truly alone.