Earl Raum

I found out about Raum a few weeks ago and after learning what abilities he had, I thought he was really somebody I should be working with. And not long after discovering him, I started to see a few little things that immediately brought Raum to mind, so I meditated on his sigil, chanted his enn, and tried to communicate with him by doing automatic writing.

So anyway, I asked Raum if he’d been trying to contact me and he said “YES.” I then asked him why and he said “I CAN SEE POTENTIAL IN YOU.”

Man, I was over the moon. The great Raum sees something in me? I already thought he was amazing when I learned what he could do, so to read that was an astounding and humbling moment, for sure. I still can’t believe it.

It would be a privilege to one day have Raum as my patron, but I think I need to do a bit of work first. :slight_smile: