Ear ringing when looking at sigils and invoking entities.Who else gets this?

Hey guys, this is something I have been experiencing recently and I want to see if those more experience can expand off of what I’m going to say.

Just now, as I was scrolling through the goetia encyclopedia and I looked at a sigil, I could suddenly hear a really loud ringing though my right ear, it even overcame the music I was listening to for a sec. Another experience was when I essentially “prayed”(invoking him in a soft way) to Lucifer and I could hear a loud ringing primarily in my left ear.

As I researched this, ringing from the right ear means something is communicating from an outside source. While ringing from the left means something is changing inside you(chakras trying to open). But again, this is just a theory.

What do you guys think? What’s your experience?


Now you mention it; sometimes.



I get changes in pressure and sometimes, ear ringing but I guess I’ve never thought much about the ear ringing connection…

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Yes. It happens sometimes when I meditate and when I recite mantras or incantations for a long time.

Most people say it’s a sign of clairaudience awakening.


I am psychic. And everytime I get that ringing in my ears when Satan had visited me. I could hear spirits better afterwards.

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Always my right ear at any point of time it can happen to me

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Lately I’ve been getting this - completely random - ringing in my right ear that lasts for a short while. I’ve also come across the information that it can mark the beginning of clairaudience, especially if combined with pressure in the other ear. Pamela Aaralyn, a channeler and Youtuber, says that’s exactly how it started for her.

But it may be just because I’ve been meditating a lot. I also have “normal tinnitus” but that’s in my left ear and much quieter.

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Yep. I’ve always taken it for a weak form of clairaudience.

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it’s your brain getting into the theta state

It could be that @THANATOS

I personally think it’s from the psychic pressure building when a magician stares at a seal to open it. This is the step before the conjuration. The atmosphere is supposed to get heavy and you should get tingling and feel pressure in your mind as the spirit coalesces.

During the conjuration phase of the evocation this psychic pressure becomes very strong and abates immediately when the spirit arrives.

So basically OP, everything is normal, what you’re experiencing is a common side effect.

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Ahh yes! That is a good question! There are two things that could be happening. Basically an entity is trying to get through to you so you can hear what they have to say. So here check this out…

1.) You have made instant connection with the entity by staring into the sigil and it is trying to communicate with you.


2.) There is a negative entity that is attacking you trying to implant seeded thoughts into your mind that can interfere and possibly misinterpret what the entity you would like to talk to is saying to you

Conclusion: I highly recommend to get the course by Robert Bruce “Psychic Self Defense” I have been doing defensive measures utilizing my energy body for years now so much that I believe I have created my own techniques. From my own personal experience I am now able to properly filter out negative seeded thoughts from vampires so I can hear clearly what entities I’m trying to talk to would say to me. I hope this helps. (:


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