EAK Books

If you could only purchase one of EA’s books, which one would you buy to get the most benefit from? Would like to hear from EA as well if possible.

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Does the Complete Works count?

If not, then I would go with Works of Darkness, because it covers pretty much everything from meditation, to scrying, to evocation.


Baneful Magick

The underlying principles are same so you can change the ‘baneful’ aspect for love, lust, money etc


I thought so :slight_smile: … Well, maybe a “generic”/all covering one, like the Become a Living God ebook or Evoking Eternity.

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For novices/beginners in magick of any sort, I would definitely recommend Ipssissimus and Become a Living God e-book.

Then it depends on the path one is willing to “follow”.

The book of Azazel. Here you have spirits that will teach divination, clairvoyance, Claireaudience and soul travel. That’s just touching the surface.

Do you need to have these abilities developed before hand or could a complete beginner do this?

If this is reference i would think a beginner would have no problems wprking with azazel and his legions to learn but if you havent gotten used to communicating with spirits directly the info may come at you from all kinds of sources.

This was my experience when i asked to learn something before i started activly exploring evocation.

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Kingdoms of flame or book of Azazel, mainly for their inspirational value, and the fact that their fairly unique as far as magical systems go. The info from his other books can be found from other sources though maybe not in such a convenient form.

YouTube is your friend here.

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