Eagle Feather

I was watching this bald eagle on a telephone pole, and it ripped out a feather from its wing… I casually walked to where the feather was falling and grabbed it right out of the air shoulder height like it magnetised to my hand.

This was a day after I had told my mom not to put rocks on top of feathers or to weigh them down in such a manner, but you can poke em into the dirt if you want.

Lots has happened since the feather was given to me.

Thanks for Reading

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Very beautiful feather! Ive used feathers for any magic having to do with the element of air

Yes I got it a couple days ago, and just this morning a storm came through knocking down two huge trees, one in the backyard and one in front o the house

Also I was led to find a large patch of morel mushrooms

Probably all unrelated tho