EA Net Worth

Just out of curiousity
I wanna know what is the Net Worth of EA

May I ask, why you get this forward like an insult?

An honest, sincere question would start with:

I make x amount, what do you have at your balance.

Followed, by either: here is how you can improve to where I am,
or how can I improve to where you’re at?

But, I guess that is slightly off, from what you intended to get to know.

Correct me if i’m wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ve discussed in spirit form,
the current changes to the American Countries,
and the long term construct.

I’m referring to the Houngan Protection Rite.

The following content,
has to be viewed from a specific Angle.

It’s not to be seen for its direct Mechanism (which it well explains),
but the underlying net, the structure which constitutes the ongoing change.

Its Structure can be visited by the astral mark:

E0’zzQydin n7frid

  • use a Roman diety for guidance,
    like Jupiter or Apollon.

the Sigil for the specific template:

a black Arrow, on white circle surface.
the Arrow is slightly surrounded by blue lightning bolt’s,
going around it in a Cubic structure.

However, the blue Lightning bolts are probably Energy from creating that specific template.
You’ll want to focus on the Black, uppointing Arrow and the white round DOT surface.

The Arrow is curved in the, in a 45-degree angle.
looking like the regular bow arrow tips,
you have in your temple.

Evoke me,
if you need more specific guidance on the rite.

That Invitation is limited specifically to Arcealus.



Its none of your business.


He’s a gagillionaire; 3.8 gagiliion exactly.


What’s yours?


I haven’t read any of EA’s books, watched some of his videos. He’s cool, he seems like a Pisces type.

This is one of the best forum format’s I’ve came across. The template is perfect for the phone. He’s probably doing well off idk lol what a question

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I would be concerned about this kind of question aimed towards any other member of the forum; while E.A.'s not an active poster, it seems a bit like the kind of topic that will degenerate into misunderstandings and speculation, and not particularly useful.

E.A. can post in a closed topic if he wishes, so, I’m going to close this to avoid the avove, but leave itlisted in case he wants to reply.

Thank you to all who contributed.