EA koettings spirit family

Does anybody know if ea koetting has any family link with Satan or Lucifer? Because he does look like them a lot. Has anyone else noticed the uncanny ressemblance? Ea koetting has almost the same face as Satan. His face is shaped exactly like an inverted pentagram, he has the same ears as well. First time I’ve seen him the first thing I’ve wondered is whether he had done some plastic surgery to look like Satan. I’m persuaded that they are from the same family…

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I met him in person and he does not give off any sort of vibe of evil. He’s a nice dude. DEFINITELY does not have any plastic surgery done to his face lol…Can assure you that much.


@Rcs4215 I never said he was evil and I didn’t mean his ressemblance to Satan to be offensive, not at all! I don’t even know if Satan himself is evil because I’ve never been interested in this spirit so who am I to judge!


It might be you have a intuitive feeling that his energy is similar to Satan’s and Lucifers. You just tried to rationalize it as being physical traits?

With that said if you mean he is like Lucifer as in he has dedicated himself to bring people to the truth then yes. That is the vibe that I get from him but theres a deep tragic feeling like he has sacrificed very much for the power he’s gained.


@Sophia444 oh I wish I could read people’s energies but I don’t. So no my remark was purely physical, and what has he sacrificed?

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Lola, i understand your question to be coming out of a sense of care.
Sophia444 however woun’t be able to answer you.
In Terms of sacrifice, These are most commonly kept hidden.
He’s very brave at what he reveals already.
If he want’s to answer you…
@E.A - Marked for consideration.



EA looks like my older brother if I had one lol

If you want to read energies child, smoke some weed, that’s what its for, weed/hash is the philosophers stone, its for internal alchemy!

Weed/hash, although useful and just plain fun, is not the philosophers stone.

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The philosophers stone is the potential that each of us have within. That’s what it historically means.

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It’s pretty ironic and hypocritical to attach the name evil to Satan when he is not demon or an angel, you are all working with his spirits which automatically what ever you like it or not make you attached and work with him too, even if it’s not directly you are indeed apart of Satan and some of you obviously still relying on the manipulative sheep stereotypes from religion, witch is pretty sad to see, I have noticed when ever he was talking in the past this irresistible attraction aspect , 5 months ago I’m referring to I don’t know why all of a sudden his chanel gain less views, and attention, it’s seems like some of you obviously didn’t understand his concept and philosophy, if you are working with demons you should realize their leader too if not they will betray you and won’t trust you, this attitude will get you nowhere

When I smoke I read this universe and all its daath, data through my heart!

I get the same thing. But the thing is that we ALL have sacrificed a lot to gain this power and wisdom. It does come with a price. Some pay more than others. I have given my all. Everything. But what you get in return is worth all the pain, loss and struggle. This road is not for the faint and weak. So it inherently is bound to be hard. Personally,I would have it no other way. EA is doing better than the majority of us. hehehehe! Do not mourn for him. Let him be what he is. A guide. And I do give him my respects and gratitude.

@Sophia444 @nikki Book of Azazel. His marriage broke down because of that. EA was talking in a video about how he sacrificed his wife for power.

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Yeah. That and more. But that is his business. I just say acknowledge it and respect and appreciate it. That’s all.


I wasn’t saying that I felt bad for him.i was making an observation especially for anyone new to the forum that might be doubting whether or not he was the real deal. He is.

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Oh yes. He IS the real deal alright. By the way I have thought the same thing, that he resembles Satan. And whats more, as time has passed he takes on more of his look as the energies mix.

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