EA Koetting: Priest of Yahweh?

For those who have done the Mastering Evocation course, you would be aware of one of the earlier videos that recounts EA’s early experience with the Simon Necronomicon; evoking an entity identified as the Sumerian Enki; an entity that subsequently conferred his priesthood on the young magician.

Enki, god of Eridu whose name means “Lord of the Earth” (a title) and attributed to being the god of wisdom and the Abzu was also known as Eya (a personal name) to the Semitic speaking peoples of Mesopotamia (Babylonians and Assyrians). The Hittites and Hurrians of the later Bronze Age called him “Aya”. A thousand years later the West Semitic Israelites referred to the same god as Yah (pronounced Ya) as well as by the formal (and longer) name Yahweh.

There are parallels in the repsective biblical and Sumerian mythologies; In the Enmerkar and the Lord of Arata Epic, Enki punishes King Enmerka for daring to build a platform and tower to honour all the gods in Eridu when that city was sacred to Enki alone. The tower is destroyed (interestingly, there is arachaeological evidence to support the myth) and the epic recounts that Enki disperses the languages of men; a clear precursor to the Babel narrative of Genesis.