Ea koetting evocation course

hi guys so in the course there is a part where ea evokes mepistopiles and he told us Push power from Zeal through hands
but did not teach that… what does it mean

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Maybe mention which video section this is in so those of us who have it can go back and rewatch and maybe clear it up for you?

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The Ze’al chakra is at the base of the skull, so you tune in enough to feel it (like if you focused energy on any other energy centre or body part) then follow that down your arms.

You can read a post E.A. made about that chakra’sthe link to the hands here (scarily complete knowledge of archives reveals itself once more!):

I’ve also worked with this link in other ways.


so if i understand correctly you would just imagine Magenta colored energy move from the base of your skull down your arm then out your hand to the entity or item your trying to structure?

I don’t generally use that method myself, but that would fit with the location and description, yes. :+1:

This needs someone who has done the course to answer definitively. :smiley:

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ok cool thanks

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