EA is changing...visibly


I dont know if he is simply getting older, but his face is noticeably different, mainly around his eyes. His jawline seems more sculpted

Look at his early vids.

His new vids

The difference isn’t exactly subtle.


He’s been working out, at least that is what it looks like to me.

Same thing happens when I lean up.

I can’t recall if it was a video he did, or something he mentioned on his early Facebook, but he mentioned that he was focusing on hitting the gym harder after BALG really took off.


Could easily be a combination of exercise and working.

I have been doing more workings as of late and people say there is something different about me that they can’t exactly put their finger on. When I ask if they can try to describe it, they say “I don’t know, something just looks different.”


I’ve never understood why people obsess over how EA looks.
Nothing against OP, just have noticed it all over the web really. He has one small change and everyone is all over him negatively or even positively. It’s like some kind of phenomenon.

I don’t blame him for not reading most of his Social Media pages lol.


Yeah I never got it myself as well. Very odd really.

Also you’re more then likely right.


Age, Exercise, Diet, Change of fashion, Hair change, growing facial hair.

All these are the main factors of his change, then again Magick does have subtle influences of his change too.


He got a bit more cut, but he’s also been experimenting with guyliner and nail polish. In one recent vid his nails were a pale lime green. I like the liner lots, I think it suits him, and it was applied well - smudged out and not blocky.


“guyliner”?! Is that really a thing?


Historically men have worn cosmetics as well as women anyway, it’s just not mainstream in current Western society. Men look better with makeup on too. Long lashes and deep eyes are always nice on all genders, so if you don’t have them, makeup gives the illusion them.


I think it is the age. Also he has been definetely hitting that gym :stuck_out_tongue:


Egyptians and more. Quite honestly I think there should be more occult orientated marketing on regular items but only if said items have some sort of consecration. Other religions do. So why not makeup, clothing, jewelry, stuffed animals, etc. collect all 72 Goetic Stuffies. Fill them out with other beings. Etc etc. And he’ll make em cuuuuute or something. Fuck that anti-Pokémon preacher. I’d mention sexually charged sex toys and I wonder if such would sell. Make a quality product, market it very naughty and sinful and reap the $$$$.

“Another or of Lilith & Co penis sleeves sold. Lots of Asmodeus vibrators just gone. We can’t keep inventory in stock.”

And possibly enchanted or consecrated by that spirit? I don’t know if such being could get off or energy by the lust alone of the populace but they’d definitely be thinking of them… a lot and orgasm is pretty powerful.

That’s gotta be a tapped out market right?


My local occult supply shop has Baphomet me plushies, as well as cute versions of some of the gods and goddesses.


Could be better video equipment too. He seems to have better lighting and color balance in his later vids.


Yeah, as he gets more advanced than his video skills, his videos are looking a lot better. I don’t think it’s just the video skills, I just happened to notice it.

Regardless, he’s a good-looking son of a bitch.


It could also be because of some of his workings with spirits via possession. If you look back as to when he first worked with Azazel, then the Loa, Norse, and then beginning with the Gatekeepers Belial, Amayamon, and now Azazel again. You can see that he’s been changing possibly due to transfiguration. I’ve even seen some other similar changes in other magicians like Asenath Mason. She looks a little different then when I saw her back in February.


Id say he improved his diet and fitness, got a tan, and put more effort into grooming himself. Nothing out of the ordinary here.


Uh yes he’s just gotten more attractive :joy:
Between the gym, tattoos, eyeliner? And facial hair, there’s enough there to explain the change :blush:


Nahhh. He just tattooed himself young again. Tattooed over the wrinkles. LMAO!!!



(clicks tongue) Not from the church!