EA bootcamp

I am a newand terrible magician for this I been wanting to go ea koettings bootcamp so I can learn the 3 godlike powers that refers to so often has anybody did an actual in person bootcamp with ea koetting if so how did it go and did he really help you

Eric told me they are doing one Oct 11 - 13. Confirm with him.

I want to go … I have the money, I just need to know that I can get off work.


This would make a great reality TV show!

@The_Cusp The problem of course being that a reality TV show would probably try it’s best to show everything we do in a perverted light.

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Yea but I have zero money and that’s the issue so thanks for telling me. When did you talk with E.A

Last consultation.

I’m new to the occult and I do not know anything and I have a learning disability so can he still help me

I’m new to the occult and I don’t know anything and can he EA stil still help me master the 3 godlike powers evocation,divination and soul travel even though I have a learning disability

Best way to find out is ask direct - shoot a question through https://becomealivinggod.zendesk.com/ asking for it to be sent direct because it’s about the bootcamp, and include some details about how your learning disability affects you. :thumbsup:

Thank you

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Cool, if you have srs questions do please address them there, and they should be able to help! :thumbsup:

Post your memes! :thumbsup:

Just kidding. :blush:

They should pay for me to go! :wink: