E.A. views on the demonic hierarchy

In his video titled something like “the secrets of the demonic hierarchy” EA goes on to say that when he conjure a demonic king or some form of higher authority we are above the entity. We are in control. Now I’m a little skeptical of his view point and would love to hear your opinion on this. Why does he believe this is? Is there a middle ground of opinion? What are the dangers of this mindset


The only one I treated higher than me was Azazel, and that was due to our unique relationship. but, Ive also never treated them lower than me. but as equals. I also, do respect them and listen when they speak and watch what they do. Everything is a lesson.


Most of what BALG refers to as the “Demonic Hierarchy” isn’t actually comprised of demons.

Now, while I can’t speak on the Dictionnaire Infernal, as I haven’t examined it in depth, I can speak on what I have learned. Majority of the spirits in the Ars Goetia aren’t demons, but in a sense they are of man- they are “psychological manifestations tied to natural forces”, in other words, they’re sort of like egregores. When it comes to these types of spirits, you want at least an equal footing with them because they’re much like us, and if you let them rule you they’ll affect your foundations.

Lucifer isn’t a demon, he’s a god of beginnings and door-opening. Satan is a demon, though, as is Lilith.

As for why EA thinks like this, I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him?

When it comes to dangers, if you try to control something that can swat you like a fly by turning its head, well, you’ll get obliterated.


Don’t consider this as an attack - but can you name a few spirits that aren’t of man? And what makes you think they’re not egregores?

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You shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not you’re “attacking” me.

As for spirits that aren’t of man, I can’t exactly give you names, but I can give you “directions”- I’ve found that the philosophy of animism, in that everything has a spirit, rings true.

To draw out the natural intelligence of something, use no ritual materials, but meditate on or with the subject in question. Hold an intent to welcome and familiarize yourself with the consciousness of whatever you are interacting with. Depending on the kind of consciousness, you will get different responses- some will not show up at all, some will communicate through gut feelings and intuitions, others through words or temperature, etc.

While everything has a creator, and as such could be categorized as an egregore, I differentiate the ones of man or not by their origins. The earlier the source, the better. However, the primary method of verification comes from experience- as an example, I can tell when an entity has inroads into the mass consciousness of man.

The difference between a spirit of man and a spirit ruling man, is that the latter sits atop the consciousness. The former is made of the mass consciousness of man, and attached to natural forces. Such is what I have observed for the creatures of the Goetia.


That was what Azazel told him when asked about the hirachy it goes…
The evocator
\ /
The summoned

Now within there respective realms each entity may have a superior e.g. If your contacting some spirit from book of azazel you can say “come in the name of azazel” and name drop like that, other than that just be poilte courteous and get to the point after the initial greeting.

If you really want to worship some entity then whatever, do your thing but it’s really not required for the cool ones.
One of the main points about the left hand path that attracted me was that you get to be your own god own boss own authority in spiritual matters.

That sense of freedom and autonomy is liberating but could be frightning at first, especially if there were any ingrained or indoctrinated behaviours/thoughts from what previous affiliation to mainstream religion instilled in you it can be difficult to get rid of that.
This is why blasphemy rites could be essential for ascent and liberation of the sorcerer.

Christians and muslims freak out about this, to them these acts of blasphemy are done by sorceres to get closer to the devils,


(Translation is shit but basically sorcerers in Saudi are burning Quran in the sewer for blasphemy rights)

No motherfucker we do this shit to separate ourselves from you and what you worship it doesn’t bring us closer to demons.
This to us is an act of liberation like burning bras in the 60 for women’s rights like black athletes raising up a black fist wearing a black glove on the olympics podium.
It’s a sign of defiance when shit like this still happens.

And there was another lady executed earlier this year.

Now I personally didn’t feel the need to desecrate it with excrement or urine(cos ew and I’d have to clean up afterwards) I instead ripped up the pages letting my anger out, hit it ,stepped on it with a shoe. Then had the most delicious juicy succulent BBQ pork ribs, fingers all sticky from the sauce I had to lick them clean. the fact that it was really fatty and the sauce was soo sweet and the naughtiness and guilty pleasure aspect of it (cos muh gains and muh diet) made it soo much better.gonna go back to lean protine though😭.

To bring that rant back to the question at hand because it is relevant.
No I don’t think any entity is “above” me in the hirachy and I won’t allow myself to be in that type of subservient position ever again. That doesn’t mean to be disrespectful, I’m still very polite, courteous, inviting and accommodating.
If a friend is coming over to watch the game or hang out I’d offer him a beer, if they’re hungry I’d fix them a plate. I see offerings to spirits in a similar way, as an extension of good manners and etiquette to my guest.


I’ve heard a lot of answers similar to this. what entities in the Goetia are exempt from this if any

Any time you see the number 72… What’s 72? It’s twice 36. That tells you what these spirits are. The daemonic aspect of the energies of the 36 decans. All energy is sentient. Big energy is very sentient. Yes, you CAN channel that energy into a thought-form, and you will be its creator. But don’t belittle the sentience of that core energy. If you tell yourself it is’t real, you’re cheating yourself.

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From ten years of communication with spirits this is my view on it, when you summon any type of being, whether it’s demons, angels, gods, spirits, elemental or planetary intelligences etc.

You didn’t just call that being to come over your house from across the street but you’ve literally called them from distances we can’t comprehend in numbered statistics.

Now look see it this way, when you enter a ritual room or temple or blessed sacred space or even circle.

That space is then yours even if you’re not in a circle there is still a energetic circle around you, years ago we called it sacred space or ritual area.

But it’s really our own universe, you are the god of that universe, even if you call on a original demon that wasn’t man made and has great power.

Realise that the body it’s in you have structured out of thin air, realise that the body it uses you can obliterate, REALISE that you even have to say to spirits " I give you license to appear " or " I give you power to manifest ".

That then implies that you are the all powerful being that brings that beings power into a body, now just because your omnipotent don’t be a dick and boss the spirit around.

Because as soon as you leave that circle or your little universe, then your then again vulnerable, so you give you respect to get respect.

In my opinion I have no phobias no fears, and I definitely fear no entity because, I am god when I call that being and so are you.

So when you look at it like that you are more powerful than the forces you summon.


Absolutely. This is one of the biggest secrets they try to keep from Neophytes. In order to experience this world, your mind splits off into two compartments - one renders the “external world” and another, more lucid “avatar” that is what you will use to experience that world subjectively. We are all actually living in separate but “linked” universes/timelines. They look like little pods. That’s the reason we’re all lured into this collectivism bullshit - our culture’s obsession with a standardized, homogenized language, culture, education, currency, etc. It helps create the illusion that we’re all having the same experience, that you’re just one tiny little person in a vast sea of virtually identical people. When in fact you’re the one who’s creating your entire experience.



What’s that on the four corners?

Yeah so many miss what’s hidden in plain sight

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