E.A.'s newest video

I really enjoyed the newest video. He walked the aggravating (to me) line by saying that spirits are definitely real and that we make our own reality.

A black magician saying that spirits are definitely real …

Is this new to you at all?

That distant high pitch hum in the video is at an output of 2,376 Hz. If Pythagorean numerical reduction is used, it can be tied through division of 6 to 396 Hz, another frequency that ties to the 3 main numbers used in all gregorian chants and musical healling: 3,6,and 9. 2+3+7+6=18,1+8=9 and 3+9+6=18, 1+8=9. Strange how a distant high pitch hum in a video about occult-related matters is a note of a scale that has been used in musical healing and spiritual enlightenment for thousands of years.

Well sometimes black magician talk about spirits as if they are just manifestations of the power within us.

Sorry, i don’t get it.^^

A lot of magic is just that. Then to muddy the waters further, you have some of these internal tulpas that become self aware, and continue to exist beyond the person who created them.
And then you have actual entities.

So you’ve got your basic tulpas, rogue self aware tulpas, and actual entities. It’s confusing as hell.

Yes, The Cusp, that is the, issue.

I’m only recently coming to terms with the difference between all three. As a dreamer, I’m able to recognize myself, my own internal structures, which gives me a good baseline for identifying things which do no originate from me.

Actual entities seem to be very direct, interface directly with your attention, and don’t give a rat’s ass about your ego. That lack of concern for your ego can make those encounters pretty brutal.

Tulpas tend to be seen as dark shadowy things. The self aware ones tend to try and stay hidden. Whereas an inorganic being will confront you directly, rogue tulpas prefer to operate unseen. Shadow people fit that description to a T.

I’m not saying that’s the way things are for sure, that’s just how I currently understand things.

“Sometimes us humans really need it spelled out for us.” E.A Koetting