E.A.'s New Series "PROPHECY" On Evocation

We are creating a video series where each episode E.A. introduces the viewer to a new spirit, performs a live ritual evocation, and asks it questions we’ve gathered in advance to help everyone’s Spiritual Ascent.

This is the very first one. It’s a test run, and is pretty rough. We are going to increase the quality and design of it over time.

Evocation Of The Demonic King, Bael - Live Ritual

Feel free to share suggestions on what spirit you’d like E.A. to contact, and what questions to ask.

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Very nice.

 Salve Bael!


Abaddon -Concerning ascent.

The ifreet named Shughal.
He is supposed to be mentioned in al-Buni’s Sun of Knowledge.
In the book Magic that Works, Nineveh Shadrach has claimed to have been physically teleported by this ifreet. Would be interesting to watch Koetting call on this spirit to hear about physical teleportation aswell as any differences between the dæmons associated with the european dæmonology tradition that we are familiar with and then the muslim jinn and ifreet.

It’s really nice to see the major changes you do each time you make something new! That Koetting doesn’t stop up during ritual to explain what he is doing, but is just going about it the way he does it when he’s alone, and then edit another recording with Koetting explaining what is happening. Really nice guys!
Something I really hated though was the distortion of Koetting’s voice when he was voicing Baels words to him. I seriously hope you guys will refrain from bringing in such unnecessary fluff in the future videos. To me that is borderline popmagic, and it makes me afraid that you will at some point add glitter effects and such crap, making it Disney-like.

But besides that, a really good video, and I love the other innovations you did. Looking forward to more!

i second both abaddon and azazel,
great video btw, i really liked it.

just a thought thou - maybye you should point out that the double voice is to clarify who is saying what (if that is the reason for the sound fx on the voice) i noticed a lot of bad feedback and people thinking its fake on another forum. :confused:

keep up the good work E.A. & Timothy
can’t wait for the next video.

Holy shit, I’m excited. This is the kind of thing that makes me happy to give monetary support to BALG, you guys are always coming up with these great new ideas.

Gonna be thinking on this all day at work. So many spirits I’d love to see E.A. contact…

I don’t have a preference for a Spirit, I think EA will have enough to show us.
What I would like to see is EA asking the Spirits for exercises belonging to there Sphere of influence much like the Black Sun Meditation.
Something practical to experiment with to aid the Ascent.

[quote=“Vergil, post:8, topic:2136”]I don’t have a preference for a Spirit, I think EA will have enough to show us.
What I would like to see is EA asking the Spirits for exercises belonging to there Sphere of influence much like the Black Sun Meditation.
Something practical to experiment with to aid the Ascent.[/quote]

I started the black sun last night. Overwhelming to say the least. Seems like a lot of people experience negative feelings, whereas I felt absolute euphoria.

[quote=“Plamen”]Azazel or another demon which has knowlegde about ascension
Question: Those who has chosen godhood through darkness are they limited in becoming only a 4d being or can they expand themselves into greater dimensional expression such as a 5d being and higher?[/quote]
You are taking dimentional from a Sephirotic approach from “above and below” paradigm.
The 5th dimention is a “conciousness dimention” and all the next ones too in different levels. For example, with you paradigm I can say that the human can only reach to the 4d ( sorry to say this, but we are in the 4th dimention from a middle time ago… ) and the “transcendors” who lived in the 6th dimention by default, pure conciousness ( supposed of course ) cannot reach 7th.

You are confusing the 4d entities such as reptilians and that shit, and the new agie stuff more than understanding that dimentional concepts are related from a material point of view from our humans view.

Remember the word of Bael
"The illusion behind the illusion"…

re 5D and 6D: whether one is looking from the perspective like how Barbara Hand Clow writes of lvls of mind (1 to 9, sort of like a chakra concept of development, as how Developmental-psych whether Maslow or Piaget has steps- each giving a “higher” wider perspective). or using the perspective of “dimensions” as used in some scientific-conventions (4D is only time in regards to a 3D space model, as all that did “chalkboard physics/math” distance was often “horizontal” while change (movement in height or rising/falling in E, or change in Price in Econ) was on the “vertical”…
that doesn’t mean that it is a 2D diagram, only that 2Dims are used in that sort of array (to have a set of 4 variables that change “over time” <which thus adds a 5th var> means a 5dim array is needed- etc.

The trick of saying “the” 4th dim- confuses as that is used as a Conventional-std in a model of events… (map not the territory, thus neither is “the graph”) but also in 4D space you can’t really call “one of the Dims” 4… anymore than you can look at a book and See “height, depth, width” (which of those is 1st? which is “the” 2nd Dim?) and if you have a banana (anything that is less cube-like)… an odd shape is even more so- as it isn’t a cube- just slightly twist it and suddenly what was height (up and down) on the banana is now a different part).

but the key is that even the concept (working model? -application via use, vs “truth”) of Consciousness is 5th… that also would tie to the line “The illusion behind the illusion.”

“Where did you go?” “where does a song goes when the singing stops?” (where does it come from when the song is sung again?) ~ “John Dies at the End”

I have a question, why does EA stop needing to put incense on the censor?

Astaroth is one of those entities that is so misunderstood. Would be nice to see EA perform an evo concerning this spirit from the Goetia.

Great work on Bael by the way…nice supplement to my Mastering Evocation coursework…kinda like DVD extras… :slight_smile:

Sastan-To inquire about the best methods to open your astral senses


Does anyone else see E.A’s purple aura in this video? Also there is a possible evp at 14:45. I can’t tell if it’s due to the wind or other possible audio contamination but it does sound like you may have captured something.

This is a question for EA

Is there any way you would consider posting the conjurations and incantations you used in the Bael video? Or any other future videos? I’ve been trying to find a working method for invocation and I trust that you only use what works.This could be a huge benefit to all of us.


Great idea! I would be interested in Marbas for information for healing or anything with Astaroth. One of my favorites to work with.

I would like to propose Dandelion.

I also second the question of “what was the incantation that EA used in this video?”

“Experience that which is real, by entering into nothing.”

That is a Pearl.
Thank you Bael, E.A., and Timothy. Looking forward to future wisdom.