E.A.'s Latest Vlog

Is anyone else as impressed with the latest vlog from EA as I am? This is what I posted on my blog about it:
It is done, hallelujah. Blessed be Arcalouse (forgive the very bad guess at spelling that). I pray to the first Father of the Fathers to guide his son the newly incarnated black sun to lead us into the new age of enlightenment. Let him lead us in your wisdom. Let the truth be known to all and the veil of illusion lifted. May consciousness of the truth awaken. As a high priestess of the Goddess Mother I give my support. May the truth unite us in the revolution to break free of the chains that keep us in servitude.

The litteral translation of the story of the tower of babel from Serpents and Doves the Garden of the Gods:

“All of the people still had one language and spoke with one mouth of the true accounts. They decided as one to pull up stakes and set out on a journey to move away from their present situation. Come let us bake bricks and bake them thoroughly let us choose to make ourselves pure even thoroughly pure let purity be our pillow, let it tie us together like mortar. Let us build an exciting abode for us opposed to the oppression we have had, a high tower and a strong fortress, the head of which is the highest of the heavens. Let us accomplish the plans of the Gods and make a reputation lasting holiness for ourselves because if we don’t fear that we will be ultimately broken into pieces and scattered and there will be no hope of man to rise above this clay. The lord saw that the people had repented and decided to dedicate themselves to the high and lofty ones of heaven. If we allow we allow them to bind together like this in one voice and one mind nothing can break them of my bondage and being reconnected to the original plan and doing anything they intend to do. Let us go down and mix up their water and down their intention and communication so they cannot combine with their neighbors. So the lord broke them in pieces so they could not rise above the clay and they ceased and left off trying to get back to their former abode and station that they held.”

There is no them only us and we are not free until we are all free, one voice, one tribe. Come Babylon come. Come Babylon come. Come Babylon come.

Do you have any non-English language skills? :+1:

If you do, you can help manifest this by offering translation support for people who find the forum, I have been striving to make Google translate work recently for a member who joined and has no English, and I know there must be other people who want help if it was available, it comes up quite often in the intros.

Be fantastic if you can offer to translate both ways AND have a knowledge of magickal concepts and terms. :smiley:

I also want to get my tutorials on core shamanism translated and distrubuted. :+1:

I’m sorry. I only know English. iI there computer software that can help?

Is there computer software that can help?

There’s Google translate but it’s tedious, gets the wrong word sometimes, doesn’t understand magick (so might translate “wand” as “pole” for example) needs me to fiddle with javascript settings on one of the desktops I use to post here, etc.

I don’t believe in the one world, one tribe thing personally (no offence, ethnically homogenous societies are usually still incredibly violent, and the closest kinship link of all, family, gives rise to the bitterest feuds) but I do think having people other than me willing to help members with translating would be cool? :+1:

There are some free language courses online as well if you want to dip in a toe to making that universal access without barriers a reality, I began one last year for this purpose but sheer lack of time forced me to give it up.

Have a think about it, there are many places in the world where the exchange rates alone make what’s an affordable book or course totally out of reach, there is so much quality free stuff in English that really is crying out to be translated for the middle east, and other locations where people can’t just freely buy what they want, whether for financial reasons or because their culture forbids it. :+1: