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I’m posting this here because it’s something I’ve had a lot of questions about and I know I’ve been as interested as anyone to hear more on the situation:

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I Give The Heartfelt Truth About My Detainment

My clarification in this video will not resolve every single question you may wonder, however I strive to provide an honest and considerate revelation. For safety reasons, I will keep one or two specifics withheld.

I want to personally thank the hundreds of YOU who sent deepest sympathy, concerns, and wishes to me.

On the Journey to Godhood, if you fall… RISE again to continue your Eternal Ascent!!!

P.S. You will receive an EXCITING announcement on Monday.

The Heartfelt Truth About My Detainment

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Yeah! we support you on this EA if not by anything else, just by stating the fact that we are on your side.

I heard about it on my subscribe feed and E.A being truthful and coming out the way he did I wish people that try and pull another down would mind their own damm business I dont like people that are like that, anyways as E.a said he will keep going on! more power to him!

I have no doubt that he is innocent. Like he said, this is nothing but a “witch hunt”. Best of luck to you EA. I support you on this.

Good for you, EA.

I don’t like police.If they decide to fuck you,they’ll do it because they can.I’ve seen this act many times my self.And if you dare to say something to defend your self,they’ll fuck you even more.I know there are good guys who want to do their duty in the right way,but the majority of them are taking advantage of their privileges.At least this is my experience so far with ‘‘The Authority’’…Hope everything to turn out fine for Eric…
I just saw at Studio Arcanis that just few months ago Jake Stratton-kent had his personal computer apprehended by the police for “investigation of suspected acts”…Sounds like the witch hunt is still going on…

Poor guy looks a little shaken!

I’m a little excited by this now. There is a potentially a great battle to come, sorcerer vs the man! I despise lying pigs who abuse their power.

Give me names of people involved so I can destroy them!

I can really identify with EA regarding this bad moment he was passing especially with his family and i really hope this situation clears as fast as possible for him. But i have just one question. With all the protection and spiritual contacts he has, why didnt he get a heads up about this terrible situation so he can obviously avoid it?

Thanks, Lady Eva for posting this. I am glad to hear E.A. is O.K.
I studied with him and performed rituałs last summer. He is the real deal and I will always respect him as a person and a magician.

I’ll share one of my experiences - one of my parents was ill. I did a lot of healing work (that was my main focus back then, still in a love & light phase) and also asked, begged, harasssed my spirits to tell me if they were about to die.

The answer I got was this: “(Parent’s name) will be with you for as long as you need them.”

I kept asking, will they die, is this it, can I save them, and got nothing from every source except versions of the same answer.

They made a slight recovery, then died suddenly.

And then became one of my guides.

So the moral of the story there is, what spirits see and tell you isn’t identical to the way you as a human perceive the events unfolding.

On the human level, I was angry that beings I trusted hadn’t told me, as a healer I was furious that I couldn’t fix things, make things right, but in reality, it was time for my parent to move on to a different role - still in my life to a large extent, but different.

I grew up a lot as a result of that, and looking back now, I don’t think I’d be in as good a place in my life if they hadn’t died, which isn’t the same as me saying it was a “good” thing, but I’m being brutally honest, and believe me this isn’t easy to even share about.

And the healing I did before they died, in hopes of preventing it, was also part of the equation because it meant that my parent had a better death and consequently better energy levels (or whatever you want to call that) to guide me afterwards - it strengthened that link. Part of it involved me reconciling some of the problems we’d had when I was younger, and being able to pass on with the slate completely wiped, ahead of time, also benefitted the person.

But damn, did I feel betrayed, gutted, furious, and utterly inadequate for a while there.

I don’t know what’s going on in E.A.'s life but based on my own experience, sometimes things have to work out in a way we don’t like (at the time) in order for our souls and the souls of other people around us, living and dead, to evolve.

My take on this whole episode is if this happens to a regular Joe Shmo, the masses wouldn’t know how corrupt most police states are. With a guy like Mr. Koetting’s fame, this will definitely shine a spotlight on this police state. So in a sick way, it had to happen, so Mr. Koetting’s “victory” over these cops, will have hope for others who have and will experience police misconduct by these police states. I know I don’t have to say it, but, we pretty much already see the ‘OTHERS’ in EA corner STORMIN’ forth.

Pitty they had nothing better to do than pick on someone who helps his community instead of focusing their resources on real criminals, but i did like what he said declaring victory by saying "in fact i’ve already won."Now that’s confidence that only a tried and tested magician can have i say.

Thank you for posting this Lady Eva. Do let us know how we can help. EA has helped me immensely with a couple rituals. They worked and I am ever so grateful! Is there anything we can do to assist EA with this event?

Bear with me, and I’ll try and find out.

I’m glad that E.A appears to be well, personally. Not strangely, I am not worried that things will work out.

I despise lying pigs who abuse their power in the US and Australia or any place in the world, Insentient people were shot dead in Ukraine by such control freak lying pigs, E.A. thank-you for all that you have done for many people, especially liberating many off us from the ar·cha·i·cal stayed views on evocation, HAY Chaos Magick did try this, But you have taken it to a whole new AEON


I messaged Timothy earlier, and he’s just replied saying that people are always invited to post their support and thanks on Facebook, and:

Otherwise, the best anyone can do is continue to give dedicated support to the principles for which E.A. and BALG stand.

Perfect. :wink:

Okay folks, feelings seem to be running a bit high here which is understandable but let’s not get carried away.

We’re locking this topic, and let’s all keep focused on our own ascent.

Thank you.