E.A. Koetting's Secrets of the Demonic Hierarchy Seminar

Secrets of the Demonic Hierarchy

Some interesting spirit attributes in this seminar.

(P.S. The new BALG intro is awesome!)

He says Bael makes people invincible… Asmodeus does it, actually.

I don’t know…I did a working with Bael to make me invisible to my enemies.

After working with him I’ve noticed an aura of strength about myself as well. I haven’t pushed my working with him to the limit yet, but I feel he is capable of much more. I’ll have to experiment a bit more.

Well one of Bael’s qualities is to make you more kingly and seem powerful. But not invincible… Just manly. I worked with Bael too.

I am convinced that demonic kings are very closely related, and may even be aspects of one another. At the very least Belial has helped other demons into my life for various purposes. So if they ARE separate beings, they seem to work closely together.

Yea, Astaroth and Lucifer are also extremely connected.

E.A. you are an outstanding teacher! The material you present and
your profound understanding of these Kings, the comparative study
of their similarites and differences has given me a depth of appreciation
and sensibility of their attributes that no book has ever done. Reminding
the magician that it is the result of the evocation and not what has or has
not happened in the process that counts reminds me that this too is
the story of life - not how one arrives at their destination but that they
have arrived. Thank you!

Hell yeah, more to add to the spiritual “to-do” list!

I’m sorry, but the other eight spirits mentioned here are decidedly not of the same order as Paymon, who is one of the Four Kings of the cardinal directions. Even the text of the Ars Goetia itself will show this and that the only reason for the number nine here is the incompleteness of the presentation of this hierarchy of spirits in the grimoire. Byleth and Asmoday are explicitly mentioned in the text to be subordinates of Amaymon, which is seconded by the use of the ring, Belial and Balam are mentioned in Paymon’s description to appear with him, in agreement with older manuscipts that place these two as his subordinates, and Bael is also explicitly referred to Oriens, albeit the English of the Ars Goetia has mistranslated the Latin for this king’s name, resulting in the reading “under the power of the east”. There’s no need to talk in whispered tones when the full form of the hierarchy of ruling spirits from which the Ars Goetia was copied third-hand is readily available to those willing to do some research: Lucifer, followed by Belzebub, Astoreth (not the male Astaroth of the Goetia who is a subordinate of Amaymon), Satan, Oriens, Amaymon, Paymon, Ariton.

But go ahead. Listen to the mighty magus Elison if you prefer to stop your ears to cold, hard facts. I don’t know why I even bother when I can predict the oh-so-predictable response of the majority to this information.

thank you E.A. & Timothy for recording this, much appreciated! you should record and release all of your lectures!

And what about Azazel, amaymon and Abaddon? I thought these gods were the mightiest in hell? what hierarchy do they have then?

Take it in your mouth. All the way in. Yea, that’s it. Good boy. Here, have a dickscuit.

Bet you didn’t predict that answer.

Take it in your mouth. All the way in. Yea, that’s it. Good boy. Here, have a dickscuit.

Bet you didn’t predict that answer.[/quote]

Honestly who could have predicted THAT?

Anyways thank you Poete. If you don’t mind me asking what are some sources I can start looking at to find out more about the hierarchy?

Just sat and watched this with a nice pot of tea, to get the week off to a good start. I LOVED those skulls, hope we hear more about how that project goes.

Me neither

I bother because I want to.

And I get it, I do. Someone posts something they found out either in research or from gnosis and it gets dragged through the mud. It makes someone not want to post anything. I mean what is the point if no one will listen, why let the profane hear the words of wisdom.

Because fuck the profane, that’s why!

If someone dissagrees with a method that is clearly working for you, let them. I have worked on growing a thicker skin as I know some of what I am going to post about Belial is not supported by traditionalist. I am getting fully prepared for it. In the end “success be thy proof” and "haters gonna hate’’

Oh the things I could tell you about Belial…

But I would like to introduce the concept of the Four Initiators, or if you’re feeling romantic, Four Torchbearers. Who are, in no particular order–

Lucifuge Rofocale

I would stick this just above the Crown Princes, though you could just as easily say they’re spun out of the Crown Princes. I call them Torchbearers in reference to the old mystery religions, since Lucifer was often one of the Torchbearers at the entrance to the Temple.

I don’t have it anywhere near formalized, but I can tell you that if you work with any one of these four extensively enough, the others will start coming of their own accord. Each deals with a different aspect of Power and Authority over, and Subjugation and Employment of spirits and powers within the infernal hierarchy specifically, but also all spirits in general and all sentient beings in general. While they are each teachers, they are also masks of power, and their true task is to confer the powers they represent up front, and THEN teach you how to use them, but you have to know this and interrogate them about it and command them to do it.

The system is designed so that anyone who is smart enough to keep asking questions and shuttle from spirit to spirit will get fully initiated. Keep asking questions, if you’re not getting the results you want, ask, ask, ask.

Maybe it would help if you were to see the Hierarchy as a Temple or a living organism, and each of these is a key aspect of a fluid and congruent body. It’s not like this demon is the “head,” and that guy is the left big toe. The spirits are embodiments of forces within the body, that make it a body and that make it go - chemical processes, energy conversion, the phenomenon of separateness, quantum and subatomic processes, self-awareness, will, etc.

So when we say, for instance, that Beelzebub is as the “top”, and I do believe he’s a vital key, it’s more like he’s a power or aspect that permeates all the others. I don’t want to tell people what to do, but I would advise you to abstain from dealing with him until you are referred to him, simply because it’s that orientation process of shuttling around and going from spirit to spirit, asking questions, etc, that puts you in a position to have some understanding of what he is and is not and what pacting with him really means (because obviously pacting with the “top” means pacting with the entire organization, which can both swing all the doors open for you, and confer some serious responsibilities and commitments on you.)

^ this is why I like comming on here.

I would love to hear about your experiences with Belial as well, but thank you for the info. I never though of it like a living organism.

In this video, EA says that you can call on Belial right before going to court, and he will help get you out of a jam (not his exact wording). But in numerous posts in this forum, people pretty much ream you for expecting instant results. What do we believe?