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I’m not gonna say anything, just back away slowly…

and point up.

I need to thank the fool and give credit where it’s due. This has helped me, and I was just reading posts! Fresh inspiration is always priceless.

following up

would be interested to hear a progress report

Fisher if you’re out there, how are you doing?


WOW I have been exactly where you are at that point in life (and then some) but I don’t speak for anyone other than myself.
In fact when I first started out the only book I had to go by was Lavey’s trust me it’s NO fun doing any magic when the house is freezing but I was put into a situation at that time I did not know that would strengthen my will I know at this point in your life you are desperate for change as I was but there may be a reason for this to be happening in your life just as the tarot card the tower calls for major change but this could be a life changing way for you to help yourself through what seems to be a "crisis"
is there a way that you may be able to apply to a crisis center through your states welfare?



anybody there?

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:2, topic:2393”]Friend, you didn’t get a response from him because that isn’t a P.M. Plus, he’s running a business- no offense to you or E.A/Timothy. but I think this slipped under the radar.

But you have us. The forum. We love doing stuff here! Post this on the “Friends with Benefits” in Money Making Magic and you’re bound to get a reply.

I’m going to point something useful out and say stop doubting. Law of certainty: KNOW it will happen and it will. Speaking from a vampire’s perspective, absorbing energy at first was difficult to understand for me. But I just practiced with it, and now I don’t need the law of certainty because I can FEEL that energy.

You need practice, bud. We don’t start at the top or the middle, we start at the bottom. If you try, as your first event, to summon and bind one of the legions of Paimon you’re going to get scoffed at. Without practice, we’re nothing. We’re mud.

How bad is your situation? If it’s not “homeless without a dollar”, you’ll probably be able to access the wealth of knowledge that exists and develop it. I really only started practicing around November. If it’s more urgent than that, then enlist forum members to assist you.

Learn divination. Purchase a deck of tarot cards and follow E.A.'s teachings on reading them. DO THE BLACK SUN EXERCISE! That’s a point I need to stress, for it gave me a meditation that cleared a roadblock to my ascent. Divine whether or not the problem is human or spirit.

My advice is this. If it’s a singular human, kill it. Whether you rip it’s life out and drink it as a Vampire, curse their life to shatter like TWF did, or even just freeze it to back it off.

Organizations are where I hand the reigns to Uncle Chuckie. His library can be found online, and he teaches you how to build things for psionics that, judging by what you’ve written, will save your life. You can bring chaos to organizations and nations. If a child could turn into a psychic super-influence, you can destroy a group.

An event troubling you? Curse it. Events have egregores, and can be brought down. If you’re confused put it out here. We’re all allies.

“Everything going wrong” sounds like you’ve got a curse yourself. Hop into the Healing and Self Defense section, but for me, again THE BLACK SUN. Do the exercise for three to five days and generally a solution will pop up.

Of course, technical magic is very fun and servitors created with it are VERY effective. “Technical magic” is a term that refers to actually creating with energy what you would ask a god to. In a sense, you become a god.

Look up different energy gathering techniques. Vampirism and Uncle Chuckie’s methods work for me (Feeding and a tube from the universe entering my spine to fill me with energy)

A tip: Visualize. Know with the LoC (Law of Certainty) and picture it happening. Feel the heat of the energy come within you.

Another important one: You might wanna attract some demons. I got noticed by a group of four, three dead guys and a random wandering spirit trying to drain to get by. They were good target practice (The meditation that let me squish them was the one mentioned earlier).

Get used to being around death, if you want to meet this problem head on. or decay, if you want them to suffer.

We are here for you, friend, and make sure to keep in contact with this forum. I’m sure others, much stronger magicians than me, will want to help you.

But first, pick a path of attack.

Do you want this situation to freeze, to disappear? White Magic will be best for that.

Do you want to bring your enemies to their knees, to even kill them? Black Magic will help you simply destroy them.

Do you want to torment them, drive them to the brink of suicide? Necromancy, but be prepared as the dead take their cost. That may include your family. Rest assured that they ARE strong, however.

You’ll probably want some practice before interacting with the ancient Loa. If not properly handled, they may make your situation worse or kill you outright. For offending them for some reason unknown to you.

My personal favorite is Vampirism. Do you want them to just feel dead, drained, unable to process? Do you want them under constant mental attack, before growing to the point that you can shatter them? Invest in Astral vampirism.

I don’t know much about Satanism, but I’ve heard he is a very potent ally. Downside, he takes a long time to work with. 90 days straight of prayer? Seems a little too time consuming for your situation.

I know nothing about the Tree Paths.

Elemental Magic is entertaining. Each element has something useful that can be applied to a variety of situations. Good for multi-purpose, but not specialized. I use it as an accoutrement to my regular works.

Keep us updated-


What books and web sites would you recommend on learning about technical magic ?