E.a koetting

Hello E.A. Koetting.
I’ve been lucky to find you in internet, really it was my brother who did it. We have your free book of internet, we want to have your other books and follow your teaching to become a living god as you say, bud we don’t have money, all our life has been a disaster, bud this last time worse and worse, we have a critical situation, no food, no money, we have nothing.
We don’t know if it’s normal (natural) or something else. We don’t know what to think or what to do. We just know that the evocation can save our lives and our destinies, we have tried a lot of times to make evocations, bud without results, we can’t see or listen to the entities, for that, that we have tried with psychodelics, bud neither.
That’s the reason to write you, can you help us? we know that you have the power, you can make anything you want. We’ve read that you had difficult moments, so you should understand us. We’re tired, this is not a life.
We want a private consult with you, bud we don’t have money, as we said.
Please, tell us, what can we do?, we need your help.
You can see that I’m telling the true.
We have no time to exercises , we’re in a critical situation, that for we need urgent help, we’re trying to have $200 to the private consult, bud is so difficult to us, we haven’t it yet.
We’re trapped in a black hole without escape, we have all the closed doors, we don’t like to ventilate our things, bud we have no choice.
We wanted to talk to you in private , bud we couldn’t.
We have always had bad people around us, so we think that we have a malediction on us. Always that we have illusion with something, everything goes wrong. We’re afraid that you can’t help us. We don’t like to compromise you, bud we really need a help, we have not other escape, please help us.
This is my only hope, I wish with all my soul to receive a help.
My mom, my brother and me, we are 3 persons in the same situation, we want to become a living god.
This is very urgent. Please answer us as soon as you can. I hope that you can help us.
This is my mail: [email protected]
Before hand, thanks a lot.

Friend, you didn’t get a response from him because that isn’t a P.M. Plus, he’s running a business- no offense to you or E.A/Timothy. but I think this slipped under the radar.

But you have us. The forum. We love doing stuff here! Post this on the “Friends with Benefits” in Money Making Magic and you’re bound to get a reply.

I’m going to point something useful out and say stop doubting. Law of certainty: KNOW it will happen and it will. Speaking from a vampire’s perspective, absorbing energy at first was difficult to understand for me. But I just practiced with it, and now I don’t need the law of certainty because I can FEEL that energy.

You need practice, bud. We don’t start at the top or the middle, we start at the bottom. If you try, as your first event, to summon and bind one of the legions of Paimon you’re going to get scoffed at. Without practice, we’re nothing. We’re mud.

How bad is your situation? If it’s not “homeless without a dollar”, you’ll probably be able to access the wealth of knowledge that exists and develop it. I really only started practicing around November. If it’s more urgent than that, then enlist forum members to assist you.

Learn divination. Purchase a deck of tarot cards and follow E.A.'s teachings on reading them. DO THE BLACK SUN EXERCISE! That’s a point I need to stress, for it gave me a meditation that cleared a roadblock to my ascent. Divine whether or not the problem is human or spirit.

My advice is this. If it’s a singular human, kill it. Whether you rip it’s life out and drink it as a Vampire, curse their life to shatter like TWF did, or even just freeze it to back it off.

Organizations are where I hand the reigns to Uncle Chuckie. His library can be found online, and he teaches you how to build things for psionics that, judging by what you’ve written, will save your life. You can bring chaos to organizations and nations. If a child could turn into a psychic super-influence, you can destroy a group.

An event troubling you? Curse it. Events have egregores, and can be brought down. If you’re confused put it out here. We’re all allies.

“Everything going wrong” sounds like you’ve got a curse yourself. Hop into the Healing and Self Defense section, but for me, again THE BLACK SUN. Do the exercise for three to five days and generally a solution will pop up.

Of course, technical magic is very fun and servitors created with it are VERY effective. “Technical magic” is a term that refers to actually creating with energy what you would ask a god to. In a sense, you become a god.

Look up different energy gathering techniques. Vampirism and Uncle Chuckie’s methods work for me (Feeding and a tube from the universe entering my spine to fill me with energy)

A tip: Visualize. Know with the LoC (Law of Certainty) and picture it happening. Feel the heat of the energy come within you.

Another important one: You might wanna attract some demons. I got noticed by a group of four, three dead guys and a random wandering spirit trying to drain to get by. They were good target practice (The meditation that let me squish them was the one mentioned earlier).

Get used to being around death, if you want to meet this problem head on. or decay, if you want them to suffer.

We are here for you, friend, and make sure to keep in contact with this forum. I’m sure others, much stronger magicians than me, will want to help you.

But first, pick a path of attack.

Do you want this situation to freeze, to disappear? White Magic will be best for that.

Do you want to bring your enemies to their knees, to even kill them? Black Magic will help you simply destroy them.

Do you want to torment them, drive them to the brink of suicide? Necromancy, but be prepared as the dead take their cost. That may include your family. Rest assured that they ARE strong, however.

You’ll probably want some practice before interacting with the ancient Loa. If not properly handled, they may make your situation worse or kill you outright. For offending them for some reason unknown to you.

My personal favorite is Vampirism. Do you want them to just feel dead, drained, unable to process? Do you want them under constant mental attack, before growing to the point that you can shatter them? Invest in Astral vampirism.

I don’t know much about Satanism, but I’ve heard he is a very potent ally. Downside, he takes a long time to work with. 90 days straight of prayer? Seems a little too time consuming for your situation.

I know nothing about the Tree Paths.

Elemental Magic is entertaining. Each element has something useful that can be applied to a variety of situations. Good for multi-purpose, but not specialized. I use it as an accoutrement to my regular works.

Keep us updated-


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Sorry, but the Friends With Benefits is closed till the next coming months. I do say though that you could try sigils. You don’t even need paper. You just need something like a rock or a stick to carve out a sigil and then gaze at it to open it. Read up on sigils. There was a great email article E.A sent out a bit back which explains sigils and how to open them. Look in the archives. Forgot where it was.

Hello friend, thanks a lot for your answer and thanks to take your time to help me.
I know the magic take it time if I want have successful and the practice it is all, but I don’t have time, really my situation is very bad, I almost homeless, I have no food, I’m starved, I have neither a dollar.
I’d like to kill my enemy (a person or a group), but before that I need FOOD and MONEY, that’s the priority to me now.
I already have a tarot and I can read it, but not very well.
You have right about the “Law of certainly”, is true, I know it’s gonna happen, I know that I’m gonna make an evocation with successful, but I’m realistic too, I know that I still can not do it.
Unfortunately “friends with benefits” is closed now.
I already saw the email article E.A. about sigils and how to open them and I did it since 15 days, but still nothing happen, I think it did’t work.
Tell me please how to find the library of uncle Chuckie?
Tell me please how is the exercise of THE BLACK SUN? because I want to make it right now.

You were thinking about the sigil which is why it didn’t work. Usually the people who need the most help but without asking for it become very strong magicians. You rely too much on people. I shall fast

Yeah, but if he’s rather close to starvation he may not get a chance. So I’m willing to help him.

Echoing Omni-p, always forget your sigils. Bury it somewhere, then WIPE it from your memory. Like a computer. Let the magic do it’s work.

I’m not sure how to manifest food, but money… you can get a variety of different creatures that’ll help with money. I’ve never evoked, but I’ve created a thoughtform. Let me give you the steps.

  1. Design the features of the entity. Should be symbolic of what it’s meant to do.

  2. Give it a name. It can be bland, but I always spice these up. My main servitor’s name is Voltak.

  3. Here’s where the magic begins. Gather energy- and a lot of it. I recommend vamping it from a person to not use your own energy.

  4. Put your intent- however works for you- into the servitor. I mentally give it commands while pushing my intent through with energy.

  5. No matter what, feed the servitor a LOT before you deploy it.

  6. Give it a target location if there is one. Or let it wander.

  7. Send it.

  8. Remember to draw out a sigil for the entity (I use the Rose Cross Sigil Generator) and each day, pour energy into it. Visualize the spirit accepting your gift and know that it has gotten stronger.

That’s it.

Uncle Chuckie’s Library: Charlescosimano.com and start with Elementary Psionics. So much power in those pages.

The Black Sun isn’t something you can’t just start. It’s an invitation for a dark entity to have access to you. The Black Sun almost killed me in my sleep after performing it on the second night. But I kept with it.

The meditation must be performed before falling asleep and after waking up. Before falling asleep, visualize a black sun rising in the west (which direction you look doesn’t actually matter, I’ve noticed). What kind of light does it give off? How hot is it? The more detailed the visualization, the more you connect with it. After waking up, visualize it setting in the east.

That’s it.

Keep up with that for a few days. You may start to notice entities and bad stuff happening. That is it’s test. Just push through. By the fourth day I started to piece together a visualization, by the fifth day I had a full blown invocation meditation. Results may come sooner, they may come later. What matters is the depth of the visualization.

I cannot perform an evocation at this time due to money and time issues. Plus, I’m rather new- you might wanna ask a more powerful sorcerer who WON’T charge you.

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My apologies for not seeing your post sooner… as has been mentioned, both Tim and I are crazy busy, so I don’t get the chance to login here very often.

You seem to already understand that this is something that is best to develop yourself. However, your situation is exactly why I have made myself available for ritual work through my “Ritual For Hire” program, so that if folks need magickal assistance while they are working through their own Ascent, that it’s available.

You can check out these services, prices, testimonials, etc at:


If at any point you need to contact me directly, sending a work order ticket into our helpdesk is guaranteed to get to me!

read on…i’m about to share a big secret with you…

you are already killing your enemy. they are dying of poverty and starvation. you see, your enemy is YOURSELF. and you are killing yourself off with negative thinking.

there is a way around this with magick.

in huna, nlp/chaos magick, and also in solomonic magick, there are rites that incorporate self-forgiveness in order to align your mind and remove doubt to release your energy for magickal purposes. in huna this is called ho’oponopono. in nlp it is known as collapsing anchors; in chaos magick that is known as generating free belief.

in solomonic magick it is the penitential rite and it is taken from the catholic mass. you find the (unfortunately long-winded) solomonic magick example of this in the greater key of solomon, book i, chapter iv, on page 24 and 25.

you do this self-forgiveness rite to untangle emotional energy from doubt and fears and align your different selves so that your magickal energy flows through you without being blocked up.

let me give you a quick penitential rite to do:

i. enter a magical chamber
ii. conjure the four quarters using something like the LBRP or liber v vel reguli
iii. confess any fears or doubts you have about magick to the four quarters
iv. tell the quarters that you take responsibility for your actions from here on in as a god and that you would like their cooperation in keeping your promise to yourself to live with integrity from now on.
v. affirm to yourself that you can live a life where you call the shots through greater and lesser magick, and not continue to live as a victim of circumstances. this is your gloria to yourself. hail thyself.
vi. THEN conjure a spirit for bringing you money, in order to help you keep your promise to yourself. ea has a rite in mastering evocation for bringing you money using the following abramelin square:
which you write in a 5x5 square grid. if you ask him, he may give you that rite to try for money, or he may give you a different rite to try that may help you out better, he’s pretty reasonable.

however you do this greater magick rite, i’d like to give you another lesser magick rite in order to build upon the above collect evocation.

in robert anton wilson’s book prometheus rising, page 28, exercize 1, raw had a rite for finding quarters. modify the rite to find $20 bills and do it every day for 21 days without fail.

you can find a copy of prometheus rising if you google ‘prometheus rising pdf’ and you can read the exercize there.

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I agree with you about the sigil but seriously WTF? We have a thread dedicated to people asking for help and not one of them is asking for something as important as food.

Fisher I’ll do some stuff for you to help you get on your feet, in the meantime listen to Gnosis.

EDIT: I meant listen to the Fool but Gnosis is knowledgeable as well. Either way your in good hands.

The spirit Ahl’far’dahn from the BoA brings you food,water,and shelter in emergency situations.

I don’t know how to get his sigil up here but if someone else could I think it would help this guy.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:11, topic:2393”]The spirit Ahl’far’dahn from the BoA brings you food,water,and shelter in emergency situations.

I don’t know how to get his sigil up here but if someone else could I think it would help this guy.[/quote]
Here it is, and fisher I hope everything works out for you.

also[quote=“Fisher, post:4, topic:2393”]I already have a tarot and I can read it, but not very well.

I already saw the email article E.A. about sigils and how to open them and I did it since 15 days, but still nothing happen, I think it did’t work.

Tell me please how to find the library of uncle Chuckie?

Tell me please how is the exercise of THE BLACK SUN? because I want to make it right now.


now is not the time to try to cram magick. you need to do the RIGHT things not try to do EVERY thing.

here is a very simple magick primer that teaches you everything you need to know about the importance of mindset and intent, and it’s only 6 pages long (actually, 5 pages - the 6th page is the cover):


BEFORE you try doing any of the other exercises that are advanced, you need to understand that you have to think in a certain way in order to manifest magick. you need your thoughts and emotions aligned, and you need to be able to concentrate on both of them strong enough for them to click.

right now your thoughts and emotions are set on your poverty. you are adding onto that by thinking about it a lot and letting it change your emotional state. that is magick in and of itself. that’s why i said you are cursing your own self. regardless of who started the magick, YOU are unwittingly continuing it and adding onto it rather than opposing it.

it’s actually a very good idea for you to ask someone else to do the magick for you. but even then. their magick will only work to a certain degree if your own mind is fighting them by putting out negativity. if others do the magick for you but your own mind is still into poverty, it becomes a tug-of-war. and yes, an adept can overcome that. but when they leave. the poverty will slowly creep back into your life and over time you’ll end up right back where you started.

to make a change that sticks, figure out what you REALLY want and write it down. don’t worry about not being able to do the magick yet. developing a strong focused MINDSET and setting your true INTENT is even more important in doing magick than the greater magick rituals you are looking into. you have to start at the beginning.

i’ve already given you a rite you can do on your own. if you have strong faith that you can change your own condition and your mind is aligned with your emotions, you can basically make any magickal rite work for you. but if you don’t believe. nothing anyone else tells you is going to help you.

btw, magickal faith is not the same as religious faith. it’s not about belief in opinions or thoughts. it’s about conviction and certainty in knowing you will get RESULTS by doing certain things in a certain way. magickal faith is like knowing that when you put dishwashing detergent on the dishes they will be clean, then loading up the dishwasher, and putting the detergent in, and then letting it run. the machine is the magick. your faith is in setting everything up to work for you. THAT is magickal faith. this is important for you to understand because magickal faith is the driving engine for all the magick you are going to do in the future.

you CAN do magick but you have to do it properly. don’t let a seeming lack of options force you into feeling like you have no choice. in magick you ALWAYS have a choice. but to make that choice work for you, you have to do things properly. as sun tzu said in the art of war, you have to make calculations and find out what the best course of action is for you. you’ll only confuse yourself if you try to jump into the fray without understanding what is really in front of you. now you need food and probably rent money. now is not the time for you to go pathworking, meditating for chakra alignment, or any of that other longwinded crap. you just don’t have time for that now. deal with today’s problems today and let tomorrow worry about itself.

begin at the beginning. mindset, and intent. begin by realizing that you can do the magick and you are already doing it but you are going in the wrong direction. take responsibility for making the change. that is your primary mindset in magick, that YOU are the prime mover in your own life, nobody else, no saviour, no guru, not even a god, none of that shit. it’s YOU. setting your mind for your ONE desire and then make up your mind about what you want is the way forward for you always. then work on aligning your mind and removing the different internal conflicts and negativity that you have going on inside of you. so your energy can flow through you like water flows through a hose, not obstructed by rocks or knots but unimpeded. by doing that, you develop your own clarity and then you are able to do the magick of any type.

THEN you can begin to learn all the different greater magick rituals you want.

something for you to think about

I just want to add that I’ve done this to myself in the past, and that was even AFTER I knew better and AFTER I’d managed to get really great results from workings, so I know how hard it can be to break the link between what you’re experiencing and where you need to be at mentally and emotionally, so don’t feel bad about it all (that’ll just add to your pile of crappy thoughts) because it’s an easy pitfall to get into - just observe where you’re at right now, breathe very deeply and calmly, and then intend to move past it.

If necessary, spend a few minutes daydreaming you just somehow came by $20,000 or whatever would make an immediate difference, just to trigger that feeling of hope, positivity, even plain old relief that you’re going to be okay.

Tell yourself that you deserve better than this, and follow the great advice you’ve gotten here.

Hello E.A. Thanks for your answer, but don’t worry, I understand, I know you’re a very busy man and of course I want a private consult with you, but the problem is the money.
Now, I know about your “Ritual for Hire”, but that has a cost and unfortunately I can’t pay it, but thanks anyway.

Hello friends, E.A., Omnipresent, Sevarn 304, The fool, TWF, Musta-Krack ish, Neutral, Lady Eva, thanks a lot all of you, thanks for your time and your energy to help me. I’m gonna follow your advices. I think is great Ahl’far’dahn because can bring me food, but someone can help me to open it?, because sence 15 days opened other one, but it didn’t work, maybe it can be for my frame of mind, I don’t feel strong enough for to do it, for that reason, I asked before if someone can make an evocation to bring me money. Please, don’t leave me alone, don’t forget about me. Thanks a lot all of you, again.

I’m sorry but no one is gonna perform an evocation for someone else he doesnt know and without charging. Yeah I know, sounds crude, but that’s how things are.

People offered you their help which is great. But now you ask people to open sigils for you as well (if I understood correctly).

You have to help yourself a bit and not ask other to spoon fed you without doing anything.

I know you’re in a dire strait situation, but you wont be able to get out of your difficult situation if you solely rely on others without even trying to do something by yourself.

My aim here is not to berate yourself but to help.


Fisher I’m not an adept at evocation by any means but I will evoke the spirit on your behalf.
I’ve been where you’re at being jobless with no money,and had no where to turn.
PM me your name and location and a picture if possible and I’ll do what I can.

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no you’re not. i can tell by the way you are talking. you are going to try to do everything and accomplish nothing. your mind is too scattered. i know exactly what you are doing because i’ve done the same thing and i’m telling you, it won’t happen for you. you gotta try something different if you want to get out of the jam you’re in.

i have said it before and i’m going to say it again. to do magick, you need to follow five steps:
: fix your mindset
: set one intent/goal
: perform a greater magick ritual
: trigger the manifestation with lesser magick/real world action
: review your progress to stay on track.

when i think about what you are going through:
: your mindset is scattered.
: you have no one steady goal.
: you don’t know how to do greater magick properly.
: you haven’t mentioned a single thing you’ve done about your plight.
: when i review the whole thing, i see why you are not making it. you are 0 for 4.

let me start at the beginning AGAIN. you have to get your mind right.

watch this video:
Eric Thomas - How Bad Do You Want It? (Secret to Success)

you say you want money. but is your mind strong? is that really your desire? eric thomas is asking you in his video. how bad do you REALLY want success? do you just kinda sorta wish it would be nice if it dropped in your lap through serendipity? or do you REALLY want it enough to go out and get it for yourself? if somebody on this board evokes for you and you get paid then the money is THEIRS, NOT YOURS. what kind of magick is that? it’s good for them but not for YOU.

now go and READ the book i sent you. it’s only 5 pages long. again here’s the link:


this book shows you exactly how to go about setting your intent. and unlike most things in magick, it is explained in a way that is SIMPLE. in fact, you don’t even have to read the whole 5 pages! all you have to do is read AND DO the plan and three positive rules of accomplishment on page 3. THAT’S IT. magick explained to you in two paragraphs. if that’s beyond you, i don’t know what to tell you.

combine the plan and three positive rules of accomplishment with aleister crowley’s liber resh vel helios, that right there is ANOTHER evocation ritual you can do. so now i’ve given you TWO greater magick rites you can do to change your situation. and you only need to do ONE of them. it might seem like i’m giving you scant information but magickal jewels are very short and multiply exponentially, if you have understanding to get their true value and the willpower to get up and follow their instruction. if you have neither then again i don’t know what to tell you.

between the video and the book, you have many things to think about BEFORE you try to do ANY magick, as well as the underpinnings of the actual ritual you will do. thinking about those things will mean the difference between failure and success for you, and doing your rituals with their ideas in mind will make just about any magick you do work for you to, at least a little bit.

after that, you do a greater magick ritual, and then you follow up with a lesser magick ritual. scroll up on the page - i already gave you both a greater magick rite modified from the greater key of solomon, AND a lesser magick rite to bring you money without getting a job, starting a business, or doing anything illegal. and it’s free of charge, and you can do it all by yourself.

i asked you to contact ea about opening the EQAMO sigil using his method from mastering evocation. i get the feeling that you don’t have the program so i’m going to give you another method for opening the EQAMO sigil, using fire skrying. i did a quick search on google and found this method 10 minutes ago. here’s how you do it. light a candle, put the EQAMO sigil in front of the candle or underneath it, and then stare at the flame while reciting the square’s mantra: SEQOR EQAMO QASAQ OMAQE ROQES over and over again. keep doing that until you gain an insight into understanding your problem. you will feel tired and begin to nod off. that is a sign that you are going into magickal trance. don’t fall asleep. it’s important that you stay awake and aware because that magickal trance is the way for you to make changes in your life. at the point when you feel like you are going to black out, as soon as your mind goes blank, PUSH THROUGH THE BLANKNESS and demand that the spirits of the seal manifest around you and give you a sign that they are there. then pay attention to any changes around you in tempeature, any sounds you hear, any sights you see, or whatever. when you see hear or feel anything they are there. then you tell them you want money and to bring it to you. simple as that. do not banish the spirits or your quarters. you want them around and working on your behalf constantly. if you have to release any of these spirits, wait until you have the money you want to release them later on.

after that, every day just like i said before. when you are getting ready to go outside, look at the EQAMO sigil and visualize $20s lying around outside and affirm to yourself that you are going to find them. write down that you are going to find $20 bills everywhere you go. then when you are outside, instead of worrying about being broke, look for $20s. when you find one quietly walk over to it and pick it up. don’t make a big deal out of it. don’t look at the damn thing, just pick it up and put it in your pocket and then walk away.

do that for 21 days. there’s your money, there’s your magick.

magick is simple. magicians make it hard because we like to be longwinded and obtuse. but it is simple. first get your mind right. then figure out what you REALLY want. then you can begin to learn the rituals that make things happen. after that you trigger the ritual with a real world action to set it in motion. at that point the magick falls into place and you pace it to make sure it goes in the direction you want.

you don’t have the magickal faith because you’ve never opened a sigil. use the fire skrying method i showed you above to open sigils for now and then when you get some $ going buy mastering evocation. ea teaches you how to open sigils in the course, as well as teaching you everything else you will ever need to know to evoke spirits. but do the rite i gave you and get some money going first.

i think most of us here can agree that in order to become a living god, YOU have to take the first step. am i right ppl?

one thing i’ve learned in life is to always ask a person in need, ‘what have you done?’ i’ve found that the person who is most likely to solve their own problem has already done 80% of the work before they show up on your doorstep asking for help - they just hit a sticking point through inexperience.

on the other hand, is the askhole. the type that wants something for nothing, who wants things done for them and handed to them but who hasn’t done anything for themselves and doesn’t expect to. they are not only not going to make anything happen, but they will waste everybody else’s time with their demands. in fact. if somebody else comes along and does the job FOR them, and does it well. they’ll invent a new problem just to keep the problem going. and if they keep getting the problem fixed. they’ll LEAVE in search of a new saviour to continue asking for help. believe me. i’ve dealt with that kind of person before. fuck - i’ve BEEN that kind of person! it’s no fun at all to deal with that kind of shit. most ppl avoid askholes and for good reason. askholes are energy vampires.

so this is kind of a test. are you committed to your own ascent or are you just spell-begging? you have to show your true colors in order to get anyone here to commit to you with no recompense.

if you won’t commit to yourself, don’t expect anyone else to commit to helping you either. magick begins with YOU. spirits take the signal you put out and then amplify that. but they can’t amplify whatever you do if you’re not doing anything. as the video below shows you, heracles helps those who help themselves.

Hercules And The Lazy Man - Aesop’s Fables

as belial told ea in ritual, ‘don’t wait for power to be given to you. reach out and take it.’ aka ask for help in doing what you are already doing, but don’t expect any answer if all you want is a handout. nothing in the world is free, not in this world, nor in the magickal one.

something to think about.


: DO the rite i already gave you. not anyone else’s, just mine. because you can do it without any magickal experience whatsoever.

: do the whole thing. watch the video and read it works to get your mind right and set your intent. then do the greater magick rite i wrote out for you including fire skrying the EQAMO sigil. then go looking for $20s for 21 days as per prometheus rising’s exercize.

: if you have to, repeat the entire greater magick rite every night. muster up the faith to believe that you really can conjure to find $20 bills lying around all over your city or town. keep in mind that in magick ANYTHING is possible, you just have to find the way to make it happen. that is magickal belief.

: then report back here on what happened in 7 days. i want to hear what went down when you DID the work.

: we’ll all take it from there.


The fool, if you dont mind I post this version of the vid which I find more motivating and beautiful :wink:

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD