E. A. Koetting

How do I get in touch with Koetting, need to hire a more experienced sorcerer for a ritual.

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Go to becomealivinggod.com and click on the ritual for hire.

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For some odd reason it is malfunctioning. :thinking: I contacted behemoth x, checking out prices for this as I have a very pressing need, one I cannot deal with myself as I have been advised against it by two demon kings. Unfortunately, my business is suffering due to this corona virus and have only seen one client this week. I usually see 4-6 ppl a day. :disappointed_relieved:

But thanks. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I didn’t post an actual link, just the web address. That’s why it didn’t work. The Discourse software apparently makes every web address look like a hyperlink.

just type in becomealivinggod dot com into your browser (except, of course, with an actual . before the “com” part).

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I bet this virus isn’t hurting his site/business any (except he probably isn’t hosting live in person workshops right about now.)


There’s the link you are looking for


Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

If you hit the little house-shaped icon on the top menu it also takes you to the main site. :+1:


…but that would make too much sense!

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