E.A Candle magick curses

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I wondered if anyone can help, im currently trying to help a friend with a curse. Im using E.As candle magick curse. However its the first ive done! Its states the 3 stages of black/red and orange candles. Can i use 2 black and one red? And do i have to do all 3 steps for the curse to work? Or is it just seperate steps dependant on candle colour?

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You cannot substitute candle colours.

There is a specific reason EA uses those colours in the spell. Changing the colours changes the spell.

If you are going to work a spell properly, you have to do it as the system/method requires. You cannot change things and expect it to work the way it should or even work at all, especially as a beginner.

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Those are separate curses not one complete curse. Are you referring to his book on Baneful Magick?

I thought they were seperate curses. Yes i am. Ive read previously that red is for violence/passion possession ect and that is what im trying to achieve. Would usong them 3 work? I read a post in here that used these for a similar curse. @DarkestKnight are you saying they are all one curse together?

No, I’m saying that you need to use the curse as it is written, not to substitute anything if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you are using three separate curses using different colours, then do each of them as the book says. If one says to use red candles, then use red candles. If another curse says to use black, then use black. If the third curse says to use orange, use orange.

You cannot sub in red for orange in the curse that requires the orange candle, for example. If I remember correctly, the candle curses in Baneful Magick all have different effects, based on the candle colour correspondences.

Ahh thankyou, that explains a little better :blush: i will stick to the colours to make sure they worl correctly and no unwanted effects

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This is why I am not a huge fan of Chaos Magick. Things that were repeated a certain way for 100s of years have a certain power. Rupert Sheldrake eplains how energy and the action of people is saved inside of Morphic Fields. The more a certain ritual is being done in the exact same way, the more power this ritual will have. The more people do the ritual in the exact same way, the more power the ritual will have again.
So better stick to what has been done for centuries. The most ancient rituals have the most power, so don’t change the rules.

And I am really struggling with this, too because I am lazy and don’t like running around, buying all the materials. But it can make all the difference.