E.A. and Rituals

I was listening to one of J.S. Garret’s interviews of E.A. If I understood EA correctly, he said that rituals are essentially worthless and that the goal should be to use no rituals. Why would anybody buy his video courses then? Aren’t many of them filled with rituals?

Well at some moment the magician is in direct contact with the other side and than you need no rituals you can channel directly. Or fortune tellers who dont need the tarot anymore in order to see the future, instead of it they are directly connected to the source and begin to see things.


Good question, paradoxes are common in magick. :slight_smile:


I’ve once read a saying which is more or less like “The magician starts and ends without tools”.


From what I understand, his courses are supposed to be the training wheels for you to get there


This may not count but this my conclusion and I’ll base it off my work with: the heathen - and - the mastering divination course. All the candles, gestures, sigils, etc are more or less crutches, placebo if you will, that helps you to get into the right frame of mind. - this is paraphrasing as this golden nugget in the form of valueble info was given to me by @asbjorntorvol himself. And based on personal experience I am inclined to agree, as you don’t need a sigil to connect with an entity you just need it’s name. Although tools and implements have their place and purpose in the beginning to help you commit to the action long enough for the magick to happen. And in due time after doing the same action over and over until you know by heart, something that previously was accomplished with tools and the like now happens automatically. This as a result of you tuning into the natural currents of magick that floats around you, harnessing them to complete a task. in accordance with your will.

But again certain implements like incense and rituals do indeed hold a place because the help you unlock your power and your will. However to be clear: certain implements do have special energies or power like: blood, water and fire and even certain herbs. However again: all of these stuff are brought forth as they give your mind something to focus on, while YOU do the magick - paraphrased from E.A.


All magick is done with the mind. So you don’t really need tools or rituals to focus your imagination, intent and emotions with will. We all do this naturally in our subconscious minds. Magick is using our will to take control of our mind and use it to direct energy to manifest our desires.


I have never bothered with any ritual tools. I have a couple of alters, but they are more decorative and I have my jewelry and perfumes on it.

I am to much of a pragmatism for everything in my life not to have a real world use for everything.

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I agree with everything you guys have said. I would add that rituals can still be done after the magician has gained the power to be free from the training of them, and when done with two or more people can be even more powerful. He can use the knowledge he’s gained to basically craft better, more powerful rituals.


In another interview about Hatian Vodon, EA stated that that system is different than other systems in that the rituals put wheels in motion that do not depend upon the power of the magician. The entities have power apart from the magician. So maybe in his most recent interview EA is just painting with a broad brush which leaves room for exceptions? I wish EA would devote a video to explain why I should buy his Black Magick course (which I was thinking about doing) if rituals are worthless?

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@jboy , he should but as I already have the course here are my two cents, according me the info in that course is golden. If you are new to magick or have had trouble with it or aren’t successful this course gives you everything in order to get started, while also giving you the basics and bluepribts to make your own rituals, etc. but eventually like we have all said you will outgrow it. But we all need to start somewhere and that course have certain things you probably won’t stop using - like the meditations for example, they are great to say the least.


Mate, he is 100% correct. The goal is to get to the stage where your omnipotence is such that you require no rituals. However, in-order to get there, you have to counter everything you’ve known in human form. You need to reprogram yourself. Many of the rituals is for our conscious mind to accept that a magical undertaking just took place. Otherwise we’d find it difficult to believe we just changed the fabric of the universe.

E.A can’t simply give you omnipotence, or give you the awareness of being omnipotent, so instead, he’s created a methodology via which you get to experience the reality of magickal work. In that process, you gradually begin to learn that all the processes and tools were really only designed to give you an awareness that something just happened.

Our greatest enemy, which negates all magickal power, is our mind. The rituals try to convince the mind that in our limited capacity as human beings, we are able to yield infinite power.


They are rituals need tools unless you guys want do learn magic without tool the chance of success is low take longer time.

So you say rituals are necessary to invoke a spirit?

If born with the “Gift” or one’s Spiritually Evolution has met the desired measurement instilled within. Grimories and ritual are no longer needed for communion.

I’m drawn to intuitive magic. I’m not capable of using rituals that I know for a fact are worthless. I’m glad I held off on buying the course. Saved me tons of money.