Dwarf planets

I just wondered if someone had summond an entety of a dwarf planet like Ceres, Pluto or Eris.
Ceres is within the range of the clasical planets but i never heared "Hey i know this Demon/Angel from Ceris… you the one that…"
Or did i just missed it?

Try it yourself and see how it goes. You’ve obviously got a pull towards this so go for it.

Well the greeks thought Charon (moon of Pluto) was a planet, and it played a major role in their astrology, even though we don’t have it as a planet or in mainstream astrology…I know a classical astrologer with 40 years of experience, who uses Charon like a planet and charts it’s influences accordingly, and he says it’s something he will never give up…

And given how spiritually populated the rest of the solar system is, there would have to be something on places like these as well, especially since small satellites like the moon have been given enormous veneration and many of the spirits that dwell there have been contacted by humans for the last several thousand years as a recurring theme of history across the planet. So no doubt, they can be inhabited by spirits.

Even in other grimores like Franz Bardon’s book
"The Practice of Magical Evocation"

He explains how to travel into many of the spheres within our own solar system and beyond, and where you should expect to find any spirits if you do this. He also explains the influence other spheres beyond our own have on us, and a little about some of the entities on them that he’s already met.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis