During soul travel to the source of all creation ordering expanding your presenc

has anyone used Ormus to expand the experience for amplifying the soul travel experience I would like to know before I try it has anyone tried it during soul travel.

Been meaning too, but I can’t find lye anywhere.
I’m still on the fence about this stuff. The reported effects on people are no different than the random weird stuff that happens on any other magical path. Too often these people attribute it to the substance and not the magic.

I’m convinced the effect on plants is just good fertilizer. The salt breaks down into calcium and magnesium flakes, 2 of the top 4 minerals present in vegetables. I’ll be making some just for that alone.

If you buy into the magnetic water traps, then theoretically, where ever there are areas of low geomagnetic activity, it should be a large natural ormus collection site. It you check out the paranormal hotspots like Skinwalker Ranch, they are all in areas with the lowest geomagnetic activity.

There’s a lot of weird stuff down the Ormus rabbit hole.