During an evocation of Azazel

So the other morning I was doing an evocation of Azazel, (quick side note, I love Azazel’s energy), anyhow I decided for no particular reason to take a picture of the smoke from the Dragons Blood incense crossing my circle of black candles, Azazels sigil and my blood offerings in the middle of the candle and when I remembered to look at the picture I saw this face in the smoke. To me it looks more feminine which thick long hair and more feminine facial features. From everything Ive read on here, I’ve never seen Azazel appear to anyone in the female form and if I didn’t decide to take the picture I would’ve never noticed the spirit in the smoke.

I’m still very new and still trying to develop my senses so asking Azazel who that was as of this moment all I would get when he answers is the feeling of pressure in my head.

If anyone has seen this similar figure, please share your thoughts on which spirit it might be or what Azazel was trying to show me.


Never mind, I see what you mean. It doesn’t look like Azazel to me, but if there’s anything real about it then it could be one of his familiars. But, I have to say, it doesn’t look like any of his legion that I’ve seen so far. They all appeared or felt male to me.

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Can’t make out anything

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