Dumb sigil question

Because I work with sigils so rarely, I have this question:

Do you have to copy the sigil by hand yourself? Or does it work the same to just charge an image of one on your phone screen, for instance? Can you get the same results with printing a copy of the sigil?

I’m steadily gathering knowledge to begin experimenting with evoking traditional entities, so these are things I need to know. Thank you all!

The phone screen version i wouldn’t do, you can use a printed version but its considered more powerful if you do your own version by hand.

At least trace a print. Having a phone glowing in the midst of evocation is not conducive to the goal. You have to put energy into drawing or at least tracing the sigil because that act begins the connection between you and the entity in question. I usually burn them into wood for patrons to keep a permanent link which can be fed with offerings of blood, etc. Not needed for all spirits you evoke but that method creates a power sync for the consciousness of said spirit.


I have burnt many sigils for people in my hey day. I have done pentacles and all kinds of shit. The more energy you invest the better.


If I’m seeking contact with a spiritual entity, I print their seal and consecrate it with bodily fluid(s) according to the entity and working. Then burn to dispose of.


Experience has taught me that when it comes to Magick it’s best to know how to do it on the fly, cheap and nasty so to speak. Sure, it’s great to have a temple and all your Magickal weapons to hand – but what if you need to do something NOW? What if you get raided by the authorities and they find all of your incriminating occult stuff? Long time ago I realised that this physical world is Satan’s Temple – Everywhere! I used to force people ahead of me in the supermarket queue to turn around, simply by projecting. What else are you supposed to do when standing in a queue, if not honing your skills? Same when your out walking or on the train – why aren’t you chanting? Eventually your life and Magick fuse into one. You reach the halfway point and after that you can’t turn back.



Thank you for your posts, Uncle Al, and I agree with you on the topic of versatility and “traveling light.” I don’t often use sigils for this very reason- I don’t have time to waste when I can just call out and move forward.

However, to everyone else, I still don’t understand why using a phone screen sigil is a problem. If a sigil is basically a doorway to access someone, then I shouldn’t have to build the doorway myself in order to use it. My friends don’t disassemble my home’s front door when they leave nor knock a new doorway into my wall when they arrive. And I guess I don’t see the difference between using the phone screen and using a whole book (a la Book of Shadows) and a candle. Then again, I also don’t get magickally affected by electronics, so maybe I’m an odd duck. I’ll try it and see, I suppose.

Perhaps a halfway point can be reached Anastasiya,
One cheep cheerful but good book to read is called Tactical Magic.
I both agree with the idea that you can use your phone as well as the idea that creating fuelling and charging your own sigils can work. So how about this: Create a sigil initially by hand pour all the energy you can into it, then snap a pic with your phone and scan it so you have a high res image of it. After that keep the sigil hidden both from your sight as well as others as a talisman, the image you have will be linked to the original, so when you’re on the fly you can use it with quick gnosis techniques. What matters is that in each moment you accept that it works as a reality.

Now I cant see that going too bad with simple intention sigils like if your will is to have a safe train journey for instance, when it comes to spirits however, I’m not so sure tbh. I’m still learning in that regard, what I do know is that in the moment of gnosis your subconscious will take in everything in your environment including the phone so I don’t know if an electronic device would prove disruptive to spirits… but then perhaps you could create your own servitors that are attuned to technology?

Either way, nothing wrong with experimenting and seeing if it works or not.



I find your insights deliciously well considered! Thank you for posting, friend. I will find that book tonight, I hope.

As for the experimentation, I suppose I will try it and let you all know.

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I’m happy to help! I just discovered I used the wrong spelling which leads to a different book, you want the one by seth:



When formally working in your physical temple, put some elbow grease in your work. Throw your mental and pnysical energy into it. The hard work will pay off when you can walk around and manipulate reality like @Uncle-Al explained. The only way to achieve results out there, on the fly, in the real world is to invest some energy honing your skills at home.

At some point you’ll have some “walking around magick” in your pocket.



Well, you see, I don’t have a physical temple apart from simply standing on the ground, nor am I technically a ceremonial mage of any kind. When I communicate with non-corporeals, I do it the exact same way I communicate with corporeals, from stray cats to corporate bigwigs to fellow coworkers. I’m looking at the sigils more as a business card with phone number, or as an open doorway that I can walk through.

For me, magick is not about elbow grease, but about will and focus. The tools I use are only tools to focus my own mind, not really magickal in themselves. Being a machinist, I have learned to design the process by which the machine does the “lifting” for me, and this mentality translates quite well to magick.


@Anastasiya that works too! You seem to already be adept. My advice was more for re-enforcing good habits and continually pouring energy, elbow grease ( for the artistic) or otherwise, into the magick. Training oneself to live and breathe magick, to make it easier to harness on a whim while walking around.

You seem to already do this however.

I am myself a programmer, and I prefer executing steps, mostly mental as part of the larger script that is the Work I am undertaking. I do not have a physical temple either btw, but have a decent study that affords me some peace and quiet.

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Hear! Hear! well put.

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All of these mechanisms are just triggers to put will and focus in a specific direction. Life TRULY is the ritual. In all honesty sigils will not even be needed at a certain point. Chant the name and call upon the entity/deity at the park… why not? I myself love pouring energy into ritual and the creation of sigils and tools. When I must though… sometimes these things need put on the back burner.