Dumb question but……

I was walking home last night from the corner store and a cat followed me home.

I texted the owner and he came and picked the sweet guy up today but I thought it was weird the cat was so drawn to me and affectionate.

I’m a definitely more of a dog person and usually cats don’t like me so I think they can tell that.

Is there any spiritual meaning to attracting a cat ? Is this like a good omen or something ? Was it drawn to my energy or something ?

I mean the cat literally followed me to the store waited for me outside then followed me home

Thought it was pretty strange

This could be a likely reason, yes. Most cats are energy junkies. I have had cats immediately curl up on my lap within a few minutes of meeting me for the first time, for example, and their humans usually tell me they don’t like strangers.

I absolutely agree on that. Cats make a huge differenece when it comrs to people they meet for the first time. They are attracted to some type of aura you have within you and love to stick to it, like taking a seat close to a stove for physical warmth. The mother of my fiancée once came to my house and even though she never met my cat and isnt really a fan of house pets herself, she took a seat on her lap and stayed for an hour or so (usually she avoids strangers or successfully scratches them). Cats are very careful but once they trust you for the first time it has a deeper meaning going beyond the usual (giving food etc.).