Duke Zepar

Have anyone worked with zepar?what powers it has? he can truly shape shift the evokator?


to a degree he can.

then there comes a breaking point of leaving the Sorcerers Body behind, which many struggle with.
Just ask him to teach you Soul Transformations. :wink:
You’ll write some fascinating grimoire out of that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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He can transform a physical body e.t.c to give you an other form face, skin?

and that’s entry level to what a demon can teach you about it. :wink:

I mean to create an etheric field around like mask and give an other form on it and that it can be visible to physical field.

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yes it’s possible by hypnosis to suggest a stranger to see you as something else or not at all basically understanding these mechanics is one of the reasons why at a certain degree your understanding of reality start’s to change.

which is hopefully resembeling the understanding you seeked.