Duke Sallos

Last Friday I used sigil magic to communicate with Duke Sallos, I offered him a glass of wine and some dark chocolate. I’m new so I don’t know if it worked, but I read that whenever a spirit is called they answered, so I had faith. On Monday and Thursday I received signs that he did hear me, and today I asked him for another sign. I should say that what I asked for him to change the way a certain female feels and thinks of me, and that starts to see me romantically. I thought I was in love and thought she was the one. I’ve known her for a long time, so I do care for her, but I guess I over exaggerated. Anyways, Duke Sallos did not complete what I asked him to do, and quite frankly I’m very glad. That sign I asked him for never came, instead Duke Sallos showed me her true colors, and who she truly was. Truth be told, I was blinded by feelings. Honestly, I don’t even care, as I am typing this I feel a sense of freedom and relief. I just made this post to let other people who are wondering if they should work with him, I say go for it, and that the way he works is very fast! Anyways where do I go from here? Should I work with Lilith or Sitri?, or ask Duke Sallos for another person? I’m open to whatever. Thanks


He did that to me multiple times. But keeps helping me grow and I believe he brought the perfect girl into my life. Now it’s building time with her.

Thankful to see the true colors of the fake people out there!


Please don’t judge.

Today I took a glass of whisky, a red candle and a iPhone photo of Duke Sallos’ sigil into my bathroom.

I sat on the floor, lit the candle and focused on his sigil. I’m pretty sure I charged the sigil but can’t be sure.

I wanted to introduce myself to the duke and see if he was happy to work with me.

I offered the whisky, told him about myself and my family.

I couldn’t feel any presence and candle remained still. But I did feel a sense of relief after I made the offering and completed the ritual.

I also mentioned that I would try again next week when I have the house to myself.

Hopefully he heard me…


The spirits always hear you.


Im proud of you. :slight_smile: