Duke Sallos

Yesterday night I was thinking behind a cigarette about who I should work with to make someone in love with me. Somehow I settled on Duke Sallos, and began imagining how I would evoke him, although I was still not 100% decided on him.

What do you know. I go to sleep and I have a dream of my crush suddenly getting blinded by lust and trying to make love to me. Mind you I’ve only ever had a dream about my crush once, and I don’t even lust after them.

And now waking up and checking my dating app, I had 44 new people writing me a message, when I usually only have around 4.

If this doesn’t sound like encouragement, I don’t know what does.


Seems like hes taken quite a liking to you! Keep us posted on your progress!


Someone is about to get his Infinity stone charged​:smirk::ok_hand:


Yeah Sallos is that kind of guy lol, very powerful and helpful.

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