Duke Sallos visited me

Good evening everyone!!

I just wanted to share my most recent encounter with the great Duke Sallos with you all.

Today I woke up around 10am, not feeling to great. I was really exhausted more so than usual so I went back to sleep periodically waking up until about 4pm. When I finally woke up I wasn’t to pleased that I had slept the whole day away, & was just in a really blue mood. About 15 mints ago I got out of the shower, but while I was in the shower, I was thinking about some things that have been bothering me lately, & one of those things that came across was about my ex. I was thinking about getting rid of all the pictures & videos of us that I had taken over the years we had been together. I was thinking about moving on & giving up hope on her & I rekindling our love, esepsically since I have no real way of communicating with her, & I haven’t spoken to her directly since July. Back in September Duke Sallos had told me to save all the photos & videos. I had reminded myself of that… But then I felt a very intense & heavy energy come over my while I was standing there washing up. I asked aloud whom it was for I didn’t recognize the energy, & never felt one like that before. Then I heard a voice. It was a deeper voice, not to much deeper than my own, saying that it was Duke Sallos. I apologized, explaining I didn’t recognize the energy. He said to me it was okay, & then went on to say & if I may quote;

“Everything will be alright. Just give us some more time to procure what you want. Things will be okay just hold on. I must go now my friend. Please be well, & take care. Goodbye.”

I then felt the energy begin to disappear, but before it completely went away I said thank you for visiting me & that I would hold on, & I decided not to get rid of everything. I was pretty upset before his visit but now I’m very happy to hear him say this. This is also my very first time actually hearing Duke Sallos’ voice!! I’m still very upset at myself though for sleeping the entire day away though :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but it was really amazing to hear him & have him come visit me. It’s been a little while since I had last invoked him.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day/evening to read this. I just wanted to share my experience with you all. I hope all is well with all of you, & may good fortune smile upon you all :blush::blush:


Yay awesome!! Hang in there! Don’t give up!! How long have you and girlfriend been together?

My fiancé and I are treading rough waters and he broke up with me but unlike you I don’t have any connection with any entities! But I was almost going to delete our pics today and did not and then see this post the first thing. A message for me as well :slight_smile:

BTW You need to stop calling her your ex if you want her back!!

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Thank you!!:blush::blush:

We were together for 2 years, we were engaged as well, broke up then got back together, then broke up again.

I’m happy to hear I was able to help you with this post!! It seems Duke Sallos has a plan for the both of us respectively. He may know of your struggles, & also may have engineered his visit to give you hope as well!!

That’s true​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I guess I say it because her & I are currently apart. Last I knew she had jumped into another relationship…she does that hops from one relationship to another sadly

It doesn’t matter if she is in another relationship. Circumstances don’t matter, if you want her truly, you can manifest her back! Just visualize that you have her back!! I am following Neville Goddard to manifest my fiancé back.

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That’s rad man! Congrats . Did you do an Evocation and petitioned him before ? Or did he just come to you?

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I never did see it that way…I’m going to take your advice!! Thank you :blush::blush: May the spirits bring your beloved back as well :grin::grin:

Thank you so much!! I have worked with Duke Sallos a lot!! Esepsically when I was just first starting a few months back…he was my first patron, & he is the first ritual I had ever preformed with. I’ve spoken to Duke Sallos so much over the past 4 months I want to say it has been now since I started practicing Magick!! Hes allowed me to call him my friend. He even comes by every now & again to enjoy a video game with me, which is pretty cool. He use to stop in for conversations every so often. But right now he must be hard at work for me so he hasn’t stopped by until earlier today…I actually have his sigil as my phone screens background to be honest!!


That’s awesome man!! What technique did you use or book? Just sigil and enn? If you don’t mind me asking .

Yea i used to have this as my background but i don’t have a connection like you do lol


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When you say he speaks to you, is it through your inner voice?

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Thank you!! When I invoke him just for conversations I chant his enn (with meditation) light a red candle, & light a sandalwood incent stick & his sigil. When I evoke him I use ritual one from 3 practical rituals with 72 demons book, however, I’m stating to find/try new ways/new rituals when I’m evoking a spirit!!

That’s such a cool background!! I might have to steal it :joy::joy:

This was the first time I’ve ever heard his actual voice, but from today’s experience it was through an inner voice!! The voice though had a deeper tone than my own voice does. Not that I have the deepest voice or anything :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but I was able to tell it was not of my own!! When I invoke him it’s mainly his energy, which for lack of better terms washes over me with an answer. If I feel a wash of energy starting from my shoulders down that feels light & airy, I know it’s a yes. If I feel a void in my lower back followed by a coldness running upwards it’s a no…It’s quite the experience!! :grin::grin:

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