Duke Sallos or Prince Sitri to bring back an ex?

OK, so here’s my situation. Long story short, me and my ex aren’t talking right now and he’s currently dating someone else. I’m wanting him to open up and talk to me again, and him to leave this girl and we be reunited. But I’m confused as in which Goetic demon I should use. I had someone telling me to use Sitri to have my ex have a uncontrollable lust and attraction for me again and that would break them up. But I think Duke Sallos would work best of bringing us back together again. What do you guys think?

So far in my experience you gotta bring in a ton of demons for different aspects to bring your ex back, I haven’t gotten mine back yet but we’re doing alot better then a month ago and I know it’s because of all the demons she’s promised me things she said she couldn’t a month ago so I’d say got with a few like a few and also use Pomba gira she’ll help you
So far I’ve worked with
Duke Sallos, Lucifer, King Paimon, Forcas, Belail (he refused to help lel,), Dantalion, Seere, and a few more like probs 3-5 but I can see the changes, I also use a few divination demons to predict the future and see what they think

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Also you gotta do a introduction your name and stuff it’s the rules

What that looks like is desperation. All you need to get your ex back is king beleth. After that you have to confront them and talk it out with them. And do all you can in the physical to make it happen


And honestly if you don’t call on Beleth. Using sallos or sitri can also bring back your ex. Request it. That most important thing is what you DO after the ritual. Ask to hangout, talk about it etc. Only you know the situation but you gotta do something that will help your magick.


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Duke Sallos was the one who told me to use Paimon, so I asked Lucifer, and asked him who I should call on and preety much told me some situations are different

I heard Dantalion could also be used to manipulate his thoughts, but then again Prince Sitri could also take care of that, but with lust.

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Look up layered love spell

I’ve evoked, Lilith, Rosier, Pomba Gira, Dantalion, Duke sallos, Sitri, Belial.
My issue is my ex refuses to talk to me, so although i know they can only bring me half way, how do i go about things if he literally won’t speak to me?

First of all,you are jealous and want him back because he has a new gf and you are single…boo hooo…trust me…been in your situation a few times and after a while a new oportunity will come along…life is like that…you get up then down and a certain period of jerking alone and puff new and better bf will show up :grin:

Second of all,you are asking others about helping spirits and then you reply with Dantalion etc etc if you knew why did you ask at all?

That ex bf of yours leaving you was the best thing in your life :+1: trust me


Why does everyone want their ex back so bad?

If he’s moved on then you probably should as well.

He’s your ex FOR A REASON.

Jealously is never a good excuse to bring someone into your life again.

Besides all that, if his will is strong enough to dump you and date someone else- his will is gonna be strong enough to do it again. Why bother him if he’s happy and it looks like you’re only doing this because you’re lonely and desperate.

It’s much easier to find a new love than bring your ex back.

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Even after all that, if you desperately need your ex back then I’d go with Pomba Gira. She’s good with these things.

I really don’t think you should focus on an ex but I just hate people always crawling after their exes.

The “love” you seek from him is just gonna be temporary so don’t be upset when you two break up again…

There’s absolutely no problem with layering demonic magick. I do all the time when it feels right. But you don’t have to. People forget how powerful one demon is so they try and call on all the demons they think can help out of fear and it never helps. ESPECIALLY if your lusting for a result. Which most people who call on so many spirits usually do. Beleth specializes on getting exes back. The demon can manipulate emotion and increase sex appeal and incite lust in targets. Call on him then do what you can in the physical. Because that’s what’s more important. I’ve been able to get an ex back even before I knew about magick simply by talking and confrontation about how we feel.

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I disagree.
everyone deserves a second chance, everyone deserves to be able to feel loved.
There are a wide verity of circumstances (abusive) where i would suggest to cut off all ties to that person. But the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes that very reason can make people fall into a deep depression.
Maybe it would be attachment issues, however in a world with much hate, there is no need to discourage one who wants to feel loved.


I’m not trying to discourage love, I just think it’d be best if she found someone that will love her better.

Another thing is that he’s feeling loved / is in love right now and if they had a lot of issues- magick isn’t gonna fix that. If they couldn’t fix their issues then why waste time on someone who’s in love with someone else when you could find someone who will make you their world?

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Someone in love, does not take time into consideration.
Who’s to say he’s in love? who’s to say he isn’t?
who’s to say her feelings aren’t valid? who’s to say she doesn’t have more of a connection with him?
There are many circumstances that come into seperating what is love and obsession.
If she is truly in love, there is a reason for that.
Feeling that kind of way is not something you feel for anyone, there a reasons, things that have happened in the past, history, that confides within her to make her feel the way she does.
Some people do not have the will power, some people do not have that kind of mindset, and are truly reliant on the other person. While that is not healthy, and shouldn’t be the way to live.
That’s what it is, bottom line.
And sometimes that is a lot harder to change than simply getting over it.
Now of course there are limitations in dividing love and obsession.
But nothing is truly set in stone. i am a firm believer in ‘if you don’t like something in your life change it’
if she is truly hurt by the separation she mustn’t give up, she must believe in her ability, she also must believe their connection is still thriving even if it is only the slightest bit.


I understand but I don’t like people who did this and end up even worse than the last time.

I know it’s her choice which is why I told her about Pomba Gira

I just think it’s always better to find someone new.

It is in human nature to bring time and things in times when it was all peachy and roses but life is full of (Kinder)surprises :smiley: we move on and find new people…7 billion people on Earth and there suppose to be just ONE true love…statistics don’t hold that claim,imho.
Her ex moved on and after grieving time she will find a new boyfriend…why go back when that story ended in tears and broken heart?
Things of past should stay in the past where they belong.
(Second chances do exist but it means with new people).

Thank you!! The heart does want what it wants, and there was never any abuse or cheating during our relationship. Men are different than women, they don’t think until the last minute… He will find out soon enough that I truly loved him.