Duke Sallos and feedback please

Greetings to all :wave:t4: This is my first post after my introduction and I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I’m very new to all of this, however I have successfully manifested in the past using loa techniques and the beginner stuff, like jar spells and freezer spells etc. around a year ago I experimented with Sigil work using blood and orgasm… which worked successfully. Fast forward to now… I came across this forum and so grateful for that. After lurking for a while, I called upon Duke Sallos twice because I throughly the first call was unanswered. The result was granted and took a few weeks, my ex and father of my 3 month old baby reached out, mentioned marriage and coming to my country. We could communicate without insults and fighting. However, during this time of non communicating, it’s as if Duke Sallos pushed me to work on myself. I then started with Agnes’s whispering techniques and various self love meditations. I was feeling great again and I thank the Duke Sallos most for that. I had a breakthrough, realized the self love I had, was just the beginning stages. My ex started saying things which was similar to what I used in the whispering techniques. I started letting go and relaxing…realizing why do I have to beg a man who abandoned his unborn child and our 4 year relationship for the happiness of another woman? He hasn’t bought his child a toy, yet takes his girlfriend on expensive European trips and jewellery. I know I sound bitter but going through a pregnancy and birth alone is hard. I made peace with his decisions and decided my baby deserves a happy and healthy mother and I’m not going to sacrifice my self respect so that he can have a connection with his son, I shouldn’t have to put up with that right? So yesterday. I emptied The cup of wine which has been standing next to the red candle engraved with the Dukes sigil and thanked him again. The wine was there for a while because, everything that my ex did was me pushed out and he wasn’t going to do exactly as I asked the Duke for. However the Duke presented the situation to me and because of my resentment and anger I kind of jinxed it. Last night his girlfriend posted a picture of their wedding certificate (she is extremely petty, I don’t even want to start, because of her I delivered a few days early too) I suspect this woman has done work on him, he becomes a real monster, nothing like the man I used to know. Right now I’m filled with anger and jealousy and revenge, which I want to let pass before calling upon Lillith and Satan with a bit of research of course. Also, the call me spell works, I’ve tried it a few times. At this point I feel like I want them to pay but I wil be patient and will decide what my next step will be after working with Lilleth and Satan, I might not even want to waste any energy on them as their own karma will take care of them. Thank you reading and would appreciate any feedback x


I’m not sure what you’re seeking feedback for exactly, sounds like you’re doing rather well for yourself! Not everyone would care for themselves, or know themselves, enough to know to stay out of a bad relationship, however tempting it may be. I think this is one of the most underrated uses of love magick - to help us love ourselves, and to open us to the potential for a truly caring, reciprocal relationship.

I wish you the best on your magickal journey friend :slight_smile:


@shinri indeed, your words resonate deeply♥️ Guess my ego just wanted to hear some encouragement to do further work to see if the other woman is in fact casting or just to make them as miserable as they made me. That would be just wasted energy. Just an update, I took advice from another member to include the sig of Satan on the call spell and the target contacted me with nearly the same words as I requested. Many thanks to Satan, I’m looking forward to working on myself with his assistance and to achieve greater manifestations♥️ Wishing you the same friend


this was my post @tov762

What’s this call spell? I’d be interested in learning it.