DUKE DANTALION : words of power

I have heard that many goetia, such as Duke dantalion teach certain powers of seduction and mind control to the one who invoked them. He also gives words of power which may be recited to have an influence on other people. Have any learned such knowledge?

Dantalion is a powerful entity yes he can alot more then that especially if you have a good relationship with him he has been around me for some time and have been working with him for three years now but he has been with me for 18 without me even knowing. Along with others. If he chooses to work with you be very respectful he isnt the easiest but he can be sure alot of fun. But dont take his kindness for a weakness cuz he sure will ruin your life if you double cross him. He has helped my wife and I alot in alot of different ways. Just be very respectful i cant say it enough. Happy hunting :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

can you please pm me to share more