Duke Dantalion / Getting infos from the void with racing - intrusive thoughts is possible

I mostly do this topic to reassure people who have a mind full and think it’s not possible to be able to recieve informations from the void because they feel like it’s impossible to meditate and focus with these thoughts in mind.

I have myself this problem since a long time and I thought that way as well before. You must force yourself to get a blank mind and it must be a daily (if possible) exercise but you can still go into the void to have informations;

- If you’re only curious about the little part on Duke Dantalion then skip on the bold title. It’s only about his appearence.

I’m explaining :

Yesterday, I tried to meditate with some quiet music. I wanted to do the void meditation, but was thinking I couldn’t do it at that moment. I just started to focus on my mind and it was hard. I thought “Maybe I should get help from King Belial or King Paimon for this… But I need to force this.”

I was getting into that void state even if I had still the thoughts in my head and I started to feel a pressure on my temples as well as on my 3rd eye. I always have this pressure on the 3rd eye when I meditate but it’s the first time on the temple.

Long story short, I was feeling a lot of energy in my chest and the first thing I’ve seen / recieved was some kind of face coming really fast at me it was feeling like that thing wanted to scare me. I didn’t stop because I wanted to go far into it.

Second thing I’ve seen was to me horrible. I had a pressure on my chest and automatically thought “Okay, worst phobia, bring it on” instantly I was seeing my fucking phobia everywhere in front of me, it was disgusting and I only wanted to stop it, but I thought I must conquer my fear if I want to get what I want in the future as well as ascend. Nothing comes easily.

Third thing was hearing a big growl after passing that shit vision of my phobia. I assume it can be to let me known the spirit was there with me (I assume King Belial but I’m maybe wrong. This is only what I assume, I need to ask him.)

(During all this time, I’ve had my racing thoughts.)

The last relevant thing I’ve seen was a floating eye in front of me. This is when it relate to Duke Dantalion, and the first part to let you know it’s possible even with thoughts you can’t control is now done. Do not sit back just because you think you will not be able to do it. Try everyday if you can and you will evolve because your will is stronger than anything else.

Also, since I did that, I don’t have any racing thoughts anymore. It’s only been one day but this is the proof you can evolve on it by forcing.

Relating to Duke Dantalion :

So the last thing I’ve seen was a floating eye in front of me. In fact, it’s not the first time I see it, lately I had a dream where it was there floating and starring at all my movements. I’ve seen yesterday that one guy had the same exact description of him and @ebdr told me she seen him as an entity with only one eye as well.

I wanted to include this so it can maybe help people about the appearence of Duke Dantalion, if you see something similar maybe try to evoke him and ask if it’s him and what does he wants.


Whenever I evoke Dantalion, he has always shown up as a demonic Cheshire Cat. Darker and almost scary. And he always brings lust wherever he goes.


I didn’t felt any lust in that dream but it’s good to know.


Maybe ask Dantalion? It sounds like he wants to speak to you more.


We will see if it’s even him.


It shall be an adventure regardless :crossed_swords:


I often see him as a man dressed in black robes with a hood. A few times I saw him as a big eye floating before me also. (In dream it was my eye but I felt like it was not mine at all) I think that eyes are his symbolic domain in general.

For me, his energy is really strong and… weird. I can’t describe it well, it’s like something alien - not from here, like a black lake with strange, unknown depths. He is a mastermind who knows everything about you and creeps behind your back. Proud and majestic, even arrogant sometimes.

But at the same time his energy is so calming, protective and nice. Like Demon of empathy lol. I was wondering suspiciously (17 times maybe) if it is an illusion or not, but I really like this spirit.
Definitely complex character.


I had the same impression about the eye, not like it was mine but worse, like it was my father who’s actually deceased. I think he does appear and give you a familiar impression for some reason? When it’s coming with the eye form. I don’t know what does that mean exactly but it’s strange.

I didn’t really felt his energy that time but I was really confident because I said “look at me” to it so I understand your words “calming, protective and nice” I don’t think I would be so at my ease otherwise.

I will evoke him later to see.

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