Duke Dantalion and pennies

Hello folks! So once again, I attempted to evoke Great Duke Dantalion. I took some uncirculated pennies, cleaned them, put them in salt, then put a drop of my blood and such on each side and let them dry. While staring at His sigil and saying his enn a few times, I had a slight cold sensation and my candle was dancing quite a bit. I’m not sure how successful I was, but I felt I made a connection. I’m sharing a few results as I asked if I could. I did 6 shakes and then threw the pennies onto his sigil.

  1. Is my name X? 4H
  2. Do I live in X? 2H 2T, 2H 2T
  3. Dantalion are you here? 2H 2T
  4. Do/Did you accept my petition? 3H 1T (Explained a bit more) 2H 2T
  5. Can you get her to contact me tonight? 1H 3T, 4H
  6. Is Sallos aiding me as well? 3H 1T, 2H 2T
  7. Do you accept my incense offering? 2H 2T
  8. Should I send that video to X from youtube? 4H, 2H 2T
  9. Would you like it if I shared the results from this? 3H 1T (Explained a bit more) 2H 2T
  10. Will you also visit me in my dreams? 3H 1T, 1H 3T
  11. Can you bring us back together? 1H 3T, 1H 3T
  12. Can you help change X mind? 3H 1T
  13. Will we be back together soon? 2H 2T
  14. Will we be back together with the help of Sallos too? 4H, 2H 2T
  15. Can I contact you again? 3H 1T, 3H 1T

While I’m quite new at this, this seems like quite interesting results!


I’ve never heard of this method before but it looks pretty accurate.


What are those 3H and other things ?

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Heads and Tails I think.

And how to make the message out of this I think i don’t understand, would share with me please ?

So you just shake the coins in you hand and drop on it all the time ?

H is heads, T is tails. I shook them in my hands six times and tossed them on the sigil. I’m not exactly sure how to interpret it myself, but for the same questions I’ve gotten multiple same responses. I figured this way we might be able to commune if I cannot hear or see Him yet.