Duke Bune

I summoned Duke Bune. I think he’s nearby. Only communication has not yet been successful.Does anyone have any tips. I think he’s communicating . I’m not doing something right that’s the reason
that I can’t hear him


Have you tried adding Bune’s sigil to your altar?

what do you think you are not doing right?

See… to hear a spirit you need to be tuned.

I just read your introduction to the members of the forum and you mention to have been practicing magick for few years. But I have to ask… are your psych senses developed ? you may need to be in trance state (or TGS) to hear a spirit…

I have evoked Bune some times and he comes almost immediately to me, but being able to hear or see is a different level.

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Yes I have made 2 sigiels with signs that reflect what duke Bune likes. Have used colors that corse with him.

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I only hear Duke Bune very softly, as if he is trying to communicate from afar. It also seems as if he delivers it very rhythmically, but not loud enough to understand

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I get into a trance easily. That’s not it. My magic works pretty strong. Like cursing someone. Every time I am amazed that it works in a short time.

I contacted to Bune, last saturday’s evening. I was asking about small financial help. I also asked about small sign of respond. When I was gazing at sigil and repeating: :Weahl Melan Avage Bune Tasa", the one of the candle near the sigil started to move away from me. I thought I’m going to wet my pants when I saw that, but immediately I got myself courage and I thanked Duchess Bune for respond and candle stopped.

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I often have that kind of thing. I would cast your fear out of you with a spell. Then you will not be bothered by appearances and communication. Apparitions can sometimes be full of energy and sometimes intimidating.

thanks Hertog Bune for winning again with a scratch card! Once more my BIG thanks Hertog Bune !!