Duke Agares/ Agreas

Name :- Agares

Rank : Duke

Colour :- Green

Incense :- Sandalwood

Best evoked :- During day ( Tbh, it’s your choice. I never called on him during day time as I don’t have the mood to work the magick during the day.)

Duke Agares is the second spirit in Ars Goetia who’s powers are listed as chasing people away or bringing them back, teaching of languages and kicking ass of high rank officials. But there is much more he can do.

My personal experiences with Duke Agares :- He assisted me in opening communication with a person of my interest when it was severely hindered. He has a very calmly vibe to him and once you’re done summoning him, a sense of calm and serenity overtakes you. Whatever the problem is, you feel like it’s being taken care of whether or not you believe it worked or not. It was Duke Agares who reaffirmed my faith in magick. He delivered results of what I asked for in a very direct way. I was a tad bit skeptical of my magickal practices but he broke down all the walls of skepticism.

Lesser known Powers of Duke Agares :- There are many more things and lesser known powers of Duke Agares apart from what’s been listed in many grimoires.

Bring clarity when you are unsure of who you are :- Having an existential crisis? Ask Agares to show you a way.

To reveal the true character of those in authority :- We all come across these smug bastards who act like the epitome of niceness but in reality are a rotten pos. How do you reveal the true character of them? Ask him to do so and he’ll remove every layer of glamour they have.

To give confidence and self-assurance :- Something happened that shook your confidence in it? Relationships? Career? He can build that confidence back again

To learn how to manage one’s money to enable financial stability and peace :- He’s basically your Charted Account if you want him to be. I know there are many spirts that exclusively deal in finance but no harm exploring others :slight_smile:

To encourage another to repay money owed to you :- Lending money to someone is easy. Recovering that money isn’t. Ask him to speed up the process.

Restore communication with others when communication is broken:- Finally, communication. I have extensively worked with him in this aspect and he has never failed to deliver. He even adds icing on the cake by giving you more than what you asked for. Becoming closer than ever.

Heal communication in a relationship:- He can remove obstacles that are hindering long term communication between you and someone.

Quiet negative inner dialogue to ease depression and anxiety:- He can give you a massive self confidence boost

Restore balance when our security in life has been destroyed:- Got fired from job? Messy breakup? Feel like the whole world is out to get you? He can restore balance again.

To protect one’s home against damage cause by people or natural disasters. : - Got forest fires and hurricanes heading your way? Ask him to protect your house from harm.

To protect your reputation when under scrutiny: - Someone’s digging into your past relationships and poking noses where they shouldn’t? Ask him to protect your reputation.

Bring a clear shared vision to a group to enable harmony between all members:- Are you leading or participating in a group where everyone is a thick-headed cunt? Ask him to bring harmony to the group.

To bring resolution to unresolved issues from our past in any area of life:- Have messy breakups or fights with someone which are interfering in your day to day life? Ask him to quell them to peace.

To see our beloved for who they truly are, beyond our illusions of them:- This may be shattering to some as many choose to live in an illusion rather than accept reality. It may hurt you, it may break you…but hey! Its bound to happen someday. You can ask him to make it as painless as possible.

Bring strength to keep working when unwell :- Got a deadline, your boss is up your arse asking you to submit the work and you’re curled up in bed with fever? Ask Agares to give you strength to get the task done.

Learn a language :- You want to learn a language but are struggling to do so? Been there. Ask him to assist with your efforts in learning the language. It doesn’t mean the language will be downloaded to your head overnight. He just clears the obstacles you have in learning the said language and makes the process much more effortless.

To inspire a romantic interest to see us as worthy of their time and attention :- Saving the best for the last… Got an eye on someone but they seem unapproachable as you both had no chances of interacting with each other? Ask him to create an opportunity for both of you to interact.


Excellent post. I love Agares so much and he has helped me a great deal. I would like to add he teaches you to be fluent in swearing too to the list lol

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Same! Agares had my ass everytime I screwed up. Delivered without fail. He has a I gotchu vibe to him

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The thing I like about Agares is that he is really chilled at evocation. He doesn’t scare or give nightmares. He works damned hard to do the job and then he let me know when he had finished about 6 months later with a visit.

I found he really likes sparkling white Perry as an offering and Red Carnations. He was so happy with the Perry, I feel I must tell you. He adores it.

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Aw I wish I can give him that. I’m financially or socially in no position to buy alcohol for him. He totally deserves it. For all the hardwork he does, I just give him praise publicly

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