Duchess/Duke Bune'

I did an evocation of Bune’ last night for the first time. I asked for unlocking of the aspects.
With spirits that aren’t repeat evocations, I will look their aspects up and discuss with the god how those aspects relate to me and how they could be applied. Everyone really seems to call on Bune for money, but Bune REALLY has a great deal more aspects that could be utilized. I was really impressed, and also disappointed that so many tend to look over those other amazing gifts that Bune could impart if you were evolving yourself and not just your wallet. <—hint hint

HAIL Duchess/Duke BUNE’!


She works with Azazel too. Once I did an evocation of her and after that Azazel and then I saw my deceased mother. Necromancy is one of the things she can assist in.


Yeah, we discussed that aspect.

Has she ever gotten up close and personal to anyone (reading this)? She was very close in my energy space, up by my right ear/neck/shoulder and it was a bit strange feeling. Intimate, even, but not in a sexual sense. Just…I didn’t know what she was doing by getting that close because she didn’t say a word. I didn’t know if that was a common thing with her or not.


I never was that close. But if there is a connection it can happen.

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She wanted to work with me and came through via a channel yesterday with another god when I was discussing who to evoke next to unlock aspects with. She wanted me to evoke her that night. So I did.


She is really nice, there was an OP one time who was really negative about her. I explained that it mostly is because of disrespect, lack of patience and the way you threat her. So I defended her and then I found some money where I always get my coffee :slight_smile:


That’s sweet :slight_smile:

I don’t think the experience was at all negative…just that one part was a little confusing. Her energy was good, even before quite friendly. It was a good chat.

I got a bit tipsy off of the orange creme vodka I offered to share and then followed with beer for another evocation. haha.


:joy::joy: Those evocations sound very nice


I’m not a big drinker, but I buy a lot of libations!


Yes, after the first Evocation with Bune, the energy stayed with me all night and gave me lucid dreams of a really informative nature. Bunes energy was so happy and friendly. Very close indeed

It may seem strange to some, but being with Bune is like being with a friend to me. We clicked right away. Also, Bune has never let me down.

I have also evoked Bune for elegance and refinery. I am happy you have seen how wonderful Bune is!

Bune loves chocolate puddings and chocolate oranges with honey btw. x Rum too


I gave her an orange and the orange vodka. BUT I had orange chocolate AND rum as well in the fridge! Next time! :slight_smile:


What you did sounds perfect. Chocolate pudding is the fave though I personally have found.
I sometimes give Marmalade too and satsumas. Honey and Malibu

What are satsumas?

I have delicious local honey. I find it tastes amazing mixed with certain boozes. It’s my alter honey. haha.

I can’t say I blame her on the pudding. She has the same tastes I do! <3


Satsumas are tangerines but slightly bigger and easier to peel lol! I’ve never invoked Bune, however, from what I’ve read here I’ll be definitely trying. Im still really a novice so I’m learning new stuff all the time! It’s so informative on here, I like being inspired to try new entities and what works for others! Bune def has the same tastes as me, booze, chocolate and oranges lol sounds good to me lol!


ahhhh okies!
I found her to be a great evocation and will call on her again.


What happened when u invoked her? Did you make specific requests or requests for knowledge? I think I’m going wrong with requests, I don’t think I’m making my intentions clear from the beginning as some of my experiences have been ‘just to see what happens’ if u see what I mean?!

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I introduced myself, discussed her/his aspects. Requested that they unlock the aspects of my mind and body which they represent…I then waited. I presented a gift, and also a food/drink to share. I didn’t ask for any favors. I have been evoking only to request the unlocking. I never, ever ever ever ask for a task if I haven’t done a ritual evocation prior to that time. I find it presumptuous and rude (for my own tastes). I develop a relationship with them so we are familiar with one another.

If you are evoking just to see what happens, then they may feel you are wasting their time if there is no intention. Even if the intention is just to introduce yourself, then you should state that. I always, always from the start, state my purpose in evoking right as I feel their presence. Just as I would if I were making a phone call to a friend, “Hey, calling to see how your day went. Calling to see what’s going on.”

Only it’s, “Good evening. I have called you here tonight to make an introduction of myself, to get to know you also, and to ask if you would unlock the aspects of my mind and body that you represent…” and I save the aspects for the VERY LAST.


Ok, so far I’ve really stuck to Belial first and foremost as he approached me first, it’s a long story tbf, so when I evoked him I didn’t need to do anything as he knew why I was there and I’ve learned quite a bit from him as regards vivid symbols etc during meditation. Plus I don’t think he ever really leaves me fully! It’s hard to explain. The only other I’ve tried is Lucifuge Rofocale after reading the red dragon, but when I evoke I feel so sick I start heaving which isn’t good and it puts me off lol I had a weird light on the ceiling which I drew and put on here and it was Papa Legbas veve so I’ve been studying best methods of contact there, spooked me a bit tho! Thought I’d overdone it in the 90’s lol so it’s been a case of connecting the dots really to see if what I’m seeing is real or imaginary. Weirdly I’ve seen things in meditation that’s turned out to be the same as other people have seen which is really the proof I’ve needed to continue along the path. Im always sceptical of things I guess it’s years of using physical evidence to prove points for work lol it’s hard to get away from that mentality I guess. I will definitely, from here on in, state my reason for contact. I suppose it’s like ringing someone and not saying anything lol I’ll look at it like that from now on! Thanks for help!

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I haven’t evoked Lucifuge R yet. King Paimon asked to be present when I do, for whatever reason.

Anytime! Glad to help!

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I can understand why King Paimon would want to be present, LR is a tough one, from what I can feel he’s got the potential to be really quite over powering. I. A property that I used to live in I had a bit of a spirit problem, I thought it was me as I always felt Ill or depressed in there and I could see a man in the garden looking at me, I did a house swap and the family who moved there got in touch with me to see if I’d had anything strange happen there as they kept hearing a man whistling going up and down the stairs, I told them what had happened there and they got help from the spiritualist church and they found a portal at the front door, apparently they closed it with a pendulum. Now in that house I had the same sensation in there as I do with LR it’s like severe nausea, as I said to the point of heaving, it’s overwhelming. Now whether it’s a sign that I’m not gonna get on with him I don’t know, or maybe it’s one to contact once I’m more experienced, I guess he’ll be one for later on in the coming year!