Duchess Bune evocation

Hello everybody

So yesterday I evoked Duchess Bune. It was a quick one coz privacy here is very difficult.So I invited her to my dreams. I put the sigil and petition under my pillow.
Am not quite sure if it was Bune or Lucifer who came to my dreams. He was male and appeared red with horns ( exactly like Lucifer the tv show ) We talked for a while and then the challenging part was he tried to test me . He brought this huge black snake and said I have to allow it to enter me . I was laying down on my stomach and he put the snake on my feet and it was supposed to crawl up . I tried to be still but I couldn’t. I kicked it off me and they both disappeared . What does this mean? I would like to speak to this entities without all this dramatic testing.Is this possible or I have to pass this tests ?


They will test you to see if you can handle their teachings. I would take the snake as you needing to put faith into them without backing down or freaking out.

As for it being Lucifer or Bune, go with your gut or use divination since appearances are subjective. :smiley:

But am extremely fearful of snakes.Do they know this or ?

The serpent represents change, or metamorphosis in the making. You want wisdom without dramatic testing? Haha Welcome to life, one must walk the burning coal to reach the other side. Demon’s will test your fear, and will test your heart, allow the change to become empowered! Or maybe you’re not ready yet.