Duches Bune, my first contact and appreciation thread

Before i start, i wanna say thanks to @positivelycm @Manosman @shinri and all member in this forum for encourageing me and provide me information

Saveral days ago, i evoking her and ask for her help for my financial problem. FYI, I am runing a very very small business with minimum budget, $35 USD as a starter.

Its a joke, but that’s all the money i had in that time… i spend all of em so i dont have much for the advertise, i run online store by the way.

When i evoke her, honestly there’s nothing that i feel at that time… not a presence, not a whisper, nothing…

But, i make my self believe that the Duches her self hearing and responding my petition. Set it, and can’t really forget it… i try to forget the ritual process but i couldn’t. Hoping that Bune, will come to me and grant me a massive income from my minimum budget it always lingering in me.

Days come, and my business still not growing. I didn’t even sell a single item… this is suck :frowning:

Last night, I had this dream, i couldn’t remember the detail but there’s few scenery thing that strange… There’s a group of women wearing all white robe that walking pass me by… i live in Indonesia, and that kinda face not so etnicaly you can meet in here. Who are they, i ask my self in the dream… and than came this women, wearing white robe but not so like the other…

Very very beautiful, black hair, not long enough-- a shoulder long

she look at me and smile at me… and pass me by like the other women.

I wake up, and that dream still linger in my head… is it her? Man, i dont know who it was… but i’m sure it’s her

oh well, so what if it’s her… my business still stuck

but it strike me when i open my email…
This guy, out of no where… buy my item. It is only one item, i know… but with the income i made, i can expand my item 3 times larger and still have little money for living.

It just a start
I will evoke her later for my offering
and I will evoke her again for growing my business

btw, i dont use ads to my store and the view is ridiculusly small.

Thank you very much my Lady,
Thank you, Duches Bune

FYI, I’ve said it about my business… and my limit budget, if you guys had your personal opinion for me about expanding business with small budget or my experience with magick, please do some review

P.S sorry for my bad english


Bune is wonderful isn’t she? She definitely comes through :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to work with her. Since I suck at everything, I’m taking baby steps. I just try to meditate on her sigil and when I’ve calmed down the constant storm in my brain I just try to tell her things about me and my life. Funny thing, at some point I just ask her to do something, so I don’t feel like talking to myself. She likes to give me a small glimpse of happiness that puts a very big (and literal) smile on my face.

That’s her :slight_smile:


I’m happy it worked out for you. I hope you’ll be even more successful in the near future! Best of luck!

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Great to here this. Bune comes through! Much more great results.

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I asked for money to start my tattoo sleeves and didn’t get anything lol bunes one of the spirits I hear is hit or miss

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This is great news @Dead!!! It doesn’t matter how much money you had to start your business, at least you had the guts and confidence to believe in yourself and go for it. It starts with that one purchase, now you can build, expand and hopefully be able to watch your business flourish.

Good luck friend :bouquet:


@dragon_crow indeed, i though she’s come to me as 3 headed dragon as mention in few sources. Didn’t expect she’ll come to me as a fine majestic Lady. I wanna talk to her though… just to say thanks in my best manner

@ReyCuervo glad to hear that man, shes reach your inner soul and in my opinion you and her had this special connection. I do want kinda physical manifestation, chill at my back, or some kinda room temperature that drasticaly change… but it doesn’t matter anymore, especialy when she made a contact like your esperience. I hope you could meet her someday :slight_smile:

@Illumia she is great partner :slight_smile:

@Manosman, & @positivelycm thanks a lot.
Here some update for my business. Got new income from another project, my sister came to me and offer me to sell her product without i have to invest her some money… she’s been strugling to sell her organic food, and ask me if i know some distributor who’s selling some healty food… i’ve got link to this little hotel restaurant for serving fine breakfeast. It’s like crazy, i didn’t expect this… the manager who is my friend, agree to serving my sister vegie. I’ve got 15% per 100gram. And for this 3 month forward, maybe i’ve got like $130 usd / perweek, its enough to make some other craft for my business… now, I am ready to contact Paimon for my crafting product. Thanks for your all support