Duality and the mind

I get Visions and divine knowledge from God
I get Visions and divine knowledge from Satan
Hekate, Belial, Lucifer, Jesus etc etc etc…

Are these just universal aspects of the phsyche that’s instilled in all of us?

Ex: Pride, Lust, Love, Fear, Hate… personified into archetypes

All these things correlate with every human.

What gives life to these things? Belief?

In believing in something… do you give life to it inside your individual universe… Your mind?

So what makes it less true? If it’s true to you and molds your life into the way in which brings value… why discard it?

We are Gods and we are capable of so much more than we are lead on to believe. We can mold our lives by what we imagine. And the work we put in.

But when you solidify a belief into your psyche… and make it true… to you… Seemingly miraculous things happen and you breathe life into them…

I get into modes where I work with these entities and I understand they are versions of my self… personified into archetypes…

When I ascend into what I call God-Mode they all disappear and I become the Master Creator… where I have no further need of these entities/archetypes or whatever you want to label them as…

In my lower self they are crucial tho… and help with so much…

My main problem is being able to get into a God Like state and stay there…

Diet/Meditation/ aligning my chakras… all play a role in this access of my higher state… but with all the distractions of this world… it’s hard to stay in this mode… and I know my lower self is not ready to part with my animalistic nature…

Because being dual is fun and I like to indulge from time to time…

But my thing I’m starting to see the more I work with both aspects is that love and light are more fulfilling than the lower… and part of me is starting to think that the lower aspect of self… is becoming obsolete…

Being trapped in the lower… brings suffering… and you can find meaning in suffering… you can find purpose… but this leads back to the Reincarnation cycle…

True godhood is in elevation above your lower self.

I just find it weird that Satan lead me to this knowledge because it’s making me feel like I’m switching sides on him… because I love him with all my heart and appreciate everything he has given me and blessed me with…

But I’m the same breath… He is God… just a different aspect of God… and maybe both of them together will bring humans to their higher selves… unlocking unlimited potential

I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking, myself, so I would say no.

In believing in something… do you give life to it inside your individual universe… Your mind?

Yes. As above so below, as within so without. By setting your energy within you allow the patterns without to form similarly in resonance with you, if they can given there’s lots of other overlapping energies to contend with as well, not least the will and beliefs of other people, who are also all gods manifesting their realities in the same spacetime.

If that works for you, why not? I don’t believe suffering has any intrinsic meaning, it’s a byproduct of duality, and your purpose was set by your godself when it decided to incarnate you as an aspect of itself - ask it why it did it. I asked mine. I got that Earth has a project based on the concept of ascent going on and I’m helping move the work along.

He is God… just a different aspect of God… and maybe both of them together will bring humans to their higher selves… unlocking unlimited potential

I don’t do ‘God’ with any capital G, so I’m not sure what this means.
At some level we’re all part of the energy of the multiverse. But there’s a point where I go ‘who cares?’. It’s not very useful for what I’m doing at the moment to think about the whole ocean when I’m working on maintaining my sovereignty as one single drop.

Humans have to bring themselves to their ascent to realisation as gods; you can’t do it for them. That’s part of the project’s design… imo, obvs. And they all have to go together. Semper fi.

When I say God I take on the knowledge of god being everything… all energy negative and dark… not a person in the sky… but the source of creation

And where we go when we die matters if in fact this simulation of reality is a testing ground… for people to either ascend or to be trapped In the cycle of rebirth

That’s a big ‘if’. I think there are many other options than reincarnate as human or ascend. Nobody is trapped anywhere except that they want to keep working this particular path. Telling people they are trapped so that they trap themselves in that belief system is the extent of that systems power over a person.

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Rest assured
Switching sides on Satan is a completely different matter. That is essentially betraying your own Godhood for slavery.

He doesn’t care if you work with the Hebrew God or the “source” of all creation as long as you don’t get seduced or willingly throw away everything he taught you or your own Godhood to worship a entity. Or you lose power.

I came to this realization shortly after I shared this

And you are correct !

Thank you!

This is true

Although Satan has told me we should respect those who deny the flesh to become martyrs on this earth and walk the path…

They persevere the balance