Dual channeling

Hi all so in light of my thread I cteated a day ago under the norse magick category. a Rune symbol?

We decided to evoke Azazel together. She under went a chanelling with him and got to understand him a bit better.
He told her he’s not good nor bad he just is who he is. She is also too concerned with why people want to hurt and fuck her over all the time. He also told her there is no good nor evil the world is what it is. So she should stop trying to understand the world and humanity because its usless and only wastes energy.
He also said that if ever she is emotional or upset he will help you but dont expect sympathy. -I believe he spoke more to me there because last week today i summoned him whilst being very angry emotional and sad. I felt no sympathy but my tears and emotions immediately stopped with his presence and i felt energised.
Then he showed us all his different forms and a lot of symbols which we wrote down next to his sigil.
He then showed her the extent of his protection by a vision of me with 3 giant fallen angels standing over me with their wings extended on all sides. Ones wings where white the other grey and black.
He then told her expects 110% from both of us. He wants all of me and her and he expects absolute loyalty and trust.
He also was fair to give her the choice to decide if she wants his teaching and guidance but to be sure as this is serious and not a game.
He also told us our powers are great and could be used for our benefit or detrement.
Ultimately it comes down to trusting ourselves and our abilities and his without doubt.
Along with his help we also pulled out unwanted energies from her throat to mouth as she experienced alot of pressure on her chest chocking and coughing whilst channeling him
My friend was afraid of him afterwards and said his energy is very heavy and dark and she felt at the end of it all there will be a heafty price to pay for accepting his guidance and teachings.
She was also concerned that he will physically hurt her or his presence would cause poltergeist activity.
So i told her that she is only afraid of herself and what she is capable of and could become under his guidance.
So I told her this is false he does not own you he is merely assisting you to reach your potential. And also not to worry about getting hurt or property destroyed as Azazel is a very respectful spirit.
I also told her she will greatly benefit by working with him and accepting his offer as this “scatter brain” stage of her life will come to an end and she will come out the other side stronger working only for her benefit not for others.
Basically comes down to I brought another student to him.


Interesting. You should tell your friend/sister/cousin whatever to study the theoretical part a lot. It will help her in her journey.

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This is great, Azazel is great, i miss him

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Dial him up a bit :blush:. He’s always around…

i can’t, it’s something between him and me, but for now i can’t, but i know he’s watching over me

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