Drunk (?) Evocation of Sallos

so there’s this guy that i’m in love and we’re not talking to each other anymore bc… i don’t know
i am missing him and more than that, i want to start a real relationship with him and cut the bullshit between us
so i evoked sallos while i was lying in bed and listening to classical music and i started to feel like i was PURELY DRUNK
i couldn’t even say my request at this moment bc i was always “falling” and then i finally said “i want him to talk to me, to let his feelings clear for himself and me, to feel as i do, to start a relationship with him” and i offered sexual energy for a week (orgasm while gazing the sigil)
i felt sallos there and i also felt that he kissed me (king paimon did this in our first meeting too), he didn’t exactly answered if he would accept the propose or not, he seemed distracted and then i closed the evocation and made a banishing
should i evoke him again (i tried yesterday but the drunk sensation stopped me)? anybody who has contact with him can ask if he accepted it?